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Friday, September 11, 2015

LOONEY TUNES: Rabbits Run Review

Imagine the disappointment of looking for a movie on Redbox but finding out they haven't gotten it, despite the fact it released everywhere else on August 14th. Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem was that film, but despite the unfortunate happening of it not being available, I ran into something rather peculiar and watched that instead. (Oh, and I should add that I did manage to see Monster Mayhem on Amazon, and if you're looking for a light/fun take on the Dark Knight, give it a watch!) Even though being the most legendary cartoon series of all time, the latest animated installment in the LOONEY TUNES saga somehow has been overlooked. How exactly is the latest "ACME" production that no one is talking about?

The story follows Lola Bunny, whom has somehow created a perfume which turns anything invisible. This of course doesn't sit well with the military, so Captain Foghorn sends Elmer Fudd to retrieve it. Meanwhile Marvin the Martian has Cecil the Turtle also on a mission to acquire it. Bugs Bunny, apparently a taxi driver, is thrown into the conflict as he helps out the in-trouble Lola.

The recent Looney Tunes Show to me was one of the most excellent reboots/re-imagining of a classic series. Just about every episode offered fantastic writing and great laughs. That's why I was personally dismayed to see it not be renewed. The fact that Rabbits Run looked very similar to the show added to the hype. Plus, most things Looney related are good. Sadly, Run just doesn't make the cut. It's an enjoyable watch sometimes, but I expect better from something with the Looney Tunes name.

Almost all of the intelligent writing from The Looney Tunes Show has vanished here. Adults won't find much to like as the dialogue is often lacking in good humor. Lola for example in the show was obviously written as a little on the crazy side, but still most of the time funny. Here it's taken a little too far. Bugs Bunny's portrayal is lacking most of the time, being much more subdued than usual. He does have his moments, but for a lot of the film he isn't the "king of troll" as the popular meme states. Also, while Bugs has rarely been a true hero like Superman or Captain America, doing things purposely illegal is a bit much. Or rather, him saying to Lola to use the invisible perfume to bypass a sold out concert doesn't feel like the right way to send off kids whom are watching.

One of the most well done aspects of the film was the arrival of Marvin the Martian. Damon Jones did an excellent job delivering his opening line, "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." The problem is that this is treated as the big plot twist of the story. It would be extremely effective, but Marvin is spoiled in the trailer and the cover. It would have been far better to hide his appearance. Cecil Turtle was an excellent character, and ironically often more engaging to watch than Bugs himself. (Major props to Jim Rash for delivering a terrific voice portrayal.) Daffy Duck's role isn't terrible, but not particularly amazing either. The banter between him and Bugs was good, but could have been a lot better.

The sing-a-long was a bit bizarre, but the actual song wasn't that bad, so it doesn't deserve to be counted as a negative. Yosemite Sam's role had some moments, but there was some over-the-top, even for Looney Tunes. (Him pretending to be a dog and the old lady falling for it was just too much to bear.) While the film's humor needed help, it's still there in bits and pieces, which stops this review from being a total anti-recommendation. Elmer Fudd's role as a secret agent was a lot of fun. Speedy Gonzales as Lola's landlord was cool too. It's just that most of the time the dialogue is more on the mediocre side and makes you long to go take out your Golden Collection box sets.

Overall, Rabbits Run is something of a disappointment. It puts the characters in whole new roles, which is interesting, but ultimately the writing is mediocre. I'm not sure why it was thought of it would be best to have the characters not know each other. It could have been good, but the dialogue just isn't as great as it should be. Still, it's not the worst thing to come out of Looney Tune Land...I think. For longtime viewers, it will definitely be a true letdown.

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