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Monday, February 13, 2012

Battlezone: Godzilla vs. Gamera

Battlezone is coming to a close. It's been fun doing these little fan fic fights, but I have plans for a new category to replace it. Granted, I'm not going to say that this is the FINAL fight ever, but it'll be the last one for awhile. I've been in a Godzilla and Gamera mood lately, (then again, I always am) so I thought I'd pair these two up. This is one of the most wanted crossovers ever, so it's truly a pleasure to write how I think a meeting between the two would go. So onto the final (for now) addition of Battlezone.

Godzilla vs. Gamera

THE PLACE: Japan. To be more precise, Tokyo. Usually there would be people by the hundreds walking around, but it was a ghost town. It had been evacuated completely hours before. Why? Stomps that shook the whole city answered that question. Three years after Operation: Final War, somehow a very ignorant man was put in charge of the government and decided that Godzilla was too much of a loose canon. They had devised a plan to destoy Godzilla with a device very similar to the Oxygen Destroyer. It had failed, and now Godzilla was angry. He had thought he had a pact with the little humans, that there would be no more destruction. Apparently not. So Godzilla was there to destroy Tokyo. As he made his way toward Osako, he heard some kind of noise. It was coming from behind him, in the sky. He turned around. In the the distance, he could see some round thing twirling around.

It resembled a shell.

The shell came toward the ground. There were five holes which was used for the flames that propelled it. Out the two holes on the bottom popped out two large feet. Then in the other two, hands, and finally a head. It looked like a turtle.

Gamera had arrived.

Godzilla sensed no malicious intent from this monster, something he sensed all too often. He roared at Gamera to back off. Gamera roared back. He wasn't going anywhere. Godzilla shot a blast of atomic radiation. It went over Gamera by a few inches. A warning shot. Godzilla began to turn away. However, a giant fireball that struck his spikes made him turn around. Gamera stood and roared. Godzilla clenched his fists. He was in the mood for a good fight.The mosters glared at each other. Gamera knew that he was no match for Godzilla, but he wasn't going to let him destroy all of Japan. The monsters got ready.

Then they ran toward each other.

The monsters collided. The force sent tremors which destroyed buildings for miles. The monsters were wrestling, trying to push each other back. Eventually Godzilla succeeded and pushed Gamera to the ground. He looked down at the turtle. The latter then surprised him with a fireball. It struck Godzilla's head. He was stunned, then Gamera forced himself up. The turtle landed a powerful blow at Godzilla, then another, and another. Godzilla had enough and shot a direct blast of atomic radiation. It struck Gamera at the center. The blast sent him backward until the monsters were distanced apart. Gamera then started to go into his shell. It started to twirl around at an incredible speed. Godzilla watched, he had never seen something like that before. The shell was then twirling toward the King of Monsters. The shell was about to strike Godzilla, but he countered with his tail. The tail struck the shell. The shell went off course and struck against a large building.

Gamera was down.

The turtle attempted to get up, but Godzilla was there, stomping on his head. Gamera attempted to shoot a fireball, but Godzilla kept crushing his head. Godzilla then shot a blast of atomic radiation, knocking Gamera unconscious. Godzilla then walked back and look down at his fallen opponent. Godzilla decided that he wasn't going to kill him, for he had no malicious intent. Godzilla started to stomp away. Moments later, a giant moth with two tiny ladies appeared. The moth shot some kind of yellow spores at Gamera.The latter's eyes opened. The moth with the ladies then flew in the direction of Godzilla. It's up to the reader to decide if Mothra will be able to convince Godzilla not to destroy Japan, but Gamera had lost, and felt empty. He was the Guardian of the Universe, but couldn't come close to beating the King of Monsters.

WINNER: Godzilla

Yes, I went with Godzilla on this. Gamera is a tough monster, but not quite in Godzilla's league. Obviously the fight would have been longer in real life, but I wanted to showcase the power differences. Godzilla would take this fight pretty easily.

NEXT WEEK: A new category!

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