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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Comic Reviews

Greetings all, I'm back with the second edition of my weekly comic reviews. I'm beginning to really like this format, it makes the whole reviewing thing more fun and simple. This week however there is only one comic for review, Avengers Assemble #2, so it's a short weekly review this time. Let's get started.

                       Avengers Assemble #2

                                              Official Description
• Who Is The Zodiac? • The Blockbuster Team Behind Ultimate Spider-Man Bring You An In-Continuity Avengers Team For Movie And Comic Book Fans Alike!

                                                     THE GOOD

Fun. That's what this comic was, pure fun. Generic? Something that's been done a thousand times before? Of course, but it doesn't stop it from being a fun ride. The Zodiac was an interesting team to bring back. Inspired by their underwhelming performance in the recent Iron Man anime? Perhaps, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the enjoyment you'll have while reading the issue. The writing is a lot stronger than the previous issue, a major improvement. (And this is Bendis, one of my least favorite writers in the industry.) For the first time in awhile, the Avengers are fun to read and their different types of dialogue is both humorous and great. The opening scene with the two Zodiac members was very dramatic and would make a perfect opening scene to a film.

                                                       THE BAD

Well I was under the impression that Hulk would be doing some serious smashing, but he wasn't shown fighting at all. Also, some of the writing is a bit obvious for new readers, namely the lengthy description for the Ultimate Nullifier. The Hulk's dialogue was a bit too 'rocky,' even more than usual. And him saying that he's not a 'team player' felt completely forced and unnatural, considering the history of all these characters.


Mark Bagley is a fantastic artist, I'd even say he's better than John Romita Jr. Everyone looks great, the battles are colorful. It's good stuff the art. The cover is great, showcasing the Hulk who is ready to smash. (Who sadly never gets the chance to.)


A very fun and extremely enjoyable comic. It's what reading the Avengers should feel like, it's good stuff. A great read if you're in the mood to read something with the characters set out of current events.


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