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Friday, August 31, 2012

On Godzilla #4

This was my most hyped up issue of the year. The idea of Rodan taking on Titanosaurus was an amazing concept. This is one of those match-ups where it's really hard to say who would win. To this day, even I'm not sure. Both monsters have proven to hold their own against Godzilla. If I had to pick one, I think Rodan would maybe come on top, but it could go either way. I was kinda hoping the issue would answer the question of who would win. (Check out my review here.) No, instead we get a battle that is less than half the comic and no winner. Here's the fight. Boxer shoots the 'headache beam' at both Rodan and Titano, but it has no effect on the latter, so he shoots more at Rodan, making him bang into Titanosaurus, starting the fight. On my first reading, I didn't exactly notice that Titanosaurus had actually slapped the building with his tail. Rodan then just shot it back with his wings. The building struck, but Titanosaurus leveled himself, then Rodan just simply flew into him (love his smug look) and they both rammed into a building. The battle ends with Rodan biting Titanosaurus' neck, then with Boxer using apparently really powerful bombs drops them onto the building, crushing Titanosaurus, with Rodan escaping. Now that I'm looking at it, Titanosaurus didn't get any hits. The fight was way too short. Knowing that, upon second reading the issue was more enjoyable. But that still doesn't excuse the joke they made Titanosaurus...

My new main problem with this series is how some of the monsters are getting treated with no respect. This was Titanosaurus' debut issue, and he lost! Not only that, but he lost by getting crushed by a building that exploded. I don't quite buy that. The only two monsters that are getting treated with dignity are Godzilla and Rodan. Godzilla appears at the end briefly for more generic stuff, he really has no personality whatsoever. The thing I am happy about is that Rodan is looking really good in this series, he didn't get captured last time, looked great in battle, and managed to avoid defeat again. I think it would be interesting if Godzilla and Rodan decided to team up to free the other monsters, it would give them personality, which they're pretty devoid of. To be fair, Rodan does have some character, but that's mainly thanks to the way he's drawn. (My gosh he looks so much better than in Kingdom of Monsters.)

Near the end it is revealed that the government is having the monsters transported to a place dubbed 'Monster Island.' Now that's admittedly pretty cool, fans will appreciate it most of all. The way they're doing it makes perfect sense for it to be in the same continuity as Gangsters and Goliaths. Obviously it's not, but the same monsters are there, so it's all coincidence. With these comics the second reading is usually better than first impressions. Knowing the battle wasn't the main focus, I did like the comic a little more. Next issue seems to have Kiryu make his debut, so that should be interesting. Personally I just want SpaceGodzilla to come and the monsters to rally against him, I am not liking this monster bounty hunter angle. Last issue we had three monsters lose, and here we have another one lose in his debut! Maybe once Mothra shows up things will lighten up.


  1. Monsters got pwned by Bounty Hunters! It's really a good thing Samus and Captain Falcon weren't there or things would have really gotten ugly for the monsters! Still, maybe they'll pull through in the end...or at least Godzilla will live.

  2. Ughhh I hate that bounty hunters actually beat Battra, who was a badass.

  3. Oh Destroyer why give G3 a 9 out of ten when it had little kaiju action, under develped characters, too much use of cgi, and the pacing was ok. Its a good movie but one of the best kaiju movies, nah that belongs to G2

    1. I gotta disagree and say that Revenge of Iris is one of the best kaiju movies out there. Advent of Legion was fantastic too, but I felt there the characters were underdeveloped. Here the characters were good, they actually tied in with the monster part of the story, it all felt connected. The special effects were incredible, and the monster scenes looked awe-inspiring.

    2. However, the movie LOOKS GOOD but it's dissapointing cause it was a short "battle"(compared to G1 and G2 it was Very dissapointing),Iris was unexplained,the score was average,and overall it was just dissapointing.The fx was GREAT, but that doesn't save it look at GMK,while it has average fx,its battles,story,and characters were great which made the film great.I LIKE G3 but the was film VERY DISSAPOINTING.7.9/10