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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I wonder if the GODZILLA ongoing will actually be about Godzilla anytime soon. In its fifth outing, not much really improves. Kiryu makes his debut, which is something, but turns out to be nothing. He was made from the blueprints of the original Mechagodzilla along with knowledge of Godzilla's philology put into its weapons to make a better fighter. The fight was okay, but personally I enjoyed the short tussle between Titanosaurus and Rodan last time due to its more uniqueness. The battle here was okay, but again too short, and *gasp* Kiryu is defeated, end of story. Godzilla has no personality whatsoever. He just stomps on things, battles anything that's in his way, and continues on. No purpose. This ongoing just doesn't 'get' the title monster like Half Century War does.

The thing I'm beginning to appreciate more of Kingdom of Monsters is that the monsters had a considerable amount of focus, here it's too much on Boxer and his kill crew. The big twist here is that we find out Harrison is actually Boxer's son. It's interesting, but the previous issues gave absolutely no indication. It was done for shock, but it was kinda out of left field. Oh, we also learn why Harrison is mute. By accident? Nope. Turns out it's by choice, and has been so since he was nine. C'mon, over fifteen years and he doesn't
choose to speak? Doesn't make sense and isn't realistic. The American controlling Kiryu kinda ruins it, his dialogue is so cringe-worthy. Now the interesting part of this issue is this new character Ms. Asuka. She's recruited into the Monster Island base. I like her, she has a certain coolness that the majority of the cast is lacking. Her words on the final panel is what's intriguing. "So, Dr. you want to see how to make a giant monster fall in love?" But they're aren't any female monsters at the moment, so...I don't fully get it. But with the words 'sample' and 'results,' it also sounds to me like they're creating a female Godzilla, which in itself is quite an odd concept. Next issue Mothra makes her debut, so hopefully we'll get some answers along with this average series improving.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like an awful cliff hanger! I have to say that I don't like Ms Asuka. She may be my least favorite character -_- Still, the Kiryu vs Godzilla fight was epic. Hopefully the series gets more fights as it goes along