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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Sixteen Review

This chapter of the Ultraman Manga is very light on the action and instead focuses on explaining exactly what this mysterious city is. The previous chapter was also not action heavy, but still had some very interesting dialogue. The story is getting bigger by the chapter. No real monsters yet, this is more of an Ultra7-like story than Ultraman, which is fine of course. Here we have something that asks more questions than providing answers. It's interesting for sure, and the ending Ultra-fans will like. (Only they will understand.)

Moroboshi shows Shinjiro the 'city of aliens.' No one knows exactly where it is, it can be travelled only via portal. Here the former explains to the latter exactly what's the purpose of being there and takes him to the 'informer.' This informer is one of the most unexpected things to come out of the story. What I like about this manga is that even when there's no punches being thrown, it's exciting. As an Ultra-fan, it's interesting to see this expanded mythos tale. This city brings about another interesting plot point. This is where apparently non-'trying to take over your world' alien types hang around. I'm hoping we get to learn more about it. Beyond that, not much happens. The 'big' thing is the ending. It's similar to when Moroboshi first appeared, except this time the guy in question is named Jack. This is of course referring to Ultraman Jack, another Showa Ultra. This is exciting, it shows the author has big plans down the road and isn't afraid to take his time.

Overall, a solid chapter. We see a city full of aliens and the arrival of this Jack character. I'm very curious and interested in seeing where the story goes, the Ultra Manga has yet to falter.


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