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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Nineteen Review

As the Ultraman manga prepares to enters its 20s, Chapter 19 introduces a few new key plot points. Finally Bemular is back with a substantial role. There's a plot twist regarding his battle with Hayata from way back in the first volume. There's not too much action, and there's a lot of vagueness, but the chapter remains a solid read.

After a pretty brutal opening for a poor human, the story is fixated on two things: the first one being about Endo and his partner investigating another serial killer crime, and Hayata revealing that Bemular wasn't actually trying to him in their battle from way back. Shinjiro doesn't get much page-time. His scenes involve him thinking about life in general. It isn't as bad as it sounds surprisingly, it's quite a subtle and emotional scene.

The biggest thing is the return of Bemular. This guy is the best character, and for now the main antagonist. This chapter however brings to light that he might not be the villain after all. It's an interesting factor and shows that the author is masterful at crating long stories. Z-Ton/Ed is continually written with a great amount intrigue. The reader never knows his absolute true intentions...

Overall, a solid chapter. The story moves along nicely with some impressive splash pages. There's an air of vagueness, so hopefully in coming chapters we start getting some payoffs.


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