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Friday, August 8, 2014


Christian movies in theaters are a rarity these days. This year has been slightly different with Hollywood dubbing 2014 "The year of the Bible." It started with SON OF GOD back in February, then this film, then NOAH, and soon we'll see Exodus: Gods and Kings, which tells the story of Moses. The one that sticks out the most arguably is GOD'S NOT DEAD, because it isn't based on a Bible story.

The title puts a spin on what Friedrich Nietzsche said over a hundred years ago, "God is dead!" It's an interesting metaphor. One can't kill God, but seemingly people can kill the idea of God according to Nietzche.

That's what the Professor Jeffery Radisson wanted his students to believe in the movie, that God didn't exist. One student however, Josh Wheaton, couldn't write what Jeffery wanted. Josh believed in God, and was challenged to prove His existence. So what happens is a debate between him and the professor. Both sides bring up compelling arguments, but ultimately it's Wheaton who gets to the heart of the matter with one simple question, "Why do you hate God?" The professor then goes on a rant with reasons, and after Wheaton asks, "How can you hate Someone that doesn't exist?"

Tough question.

God is most certainly not dead! People think they can kill Him by removing Him from public schools and separating His principles from government. We aren't killing Him by doing that, we're killing us. The more people wish to remove Him from daily life the more they will feel empty. When there's a lack of God in our culture, it takes a brave person like Josh to stand up. It doesn't matter how smart your opponent is; what matters is how strong of a conviction you have that God is not dead. Read the Bible, pray, and do research.

Josh Wheaton may not be a real person, but he's an inspiration nonetheless. I want to be able to stand up for my faith if the time ever arose, and that should be a goal of every believer. God's not dead, He's alive and wants His followers to stand up for what's righteous and holy in a society that thinks they've killed Him.

And if you haven't, give God's Not Dead a watch as soon as possible!

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  1. Yes, you managed to watch God's Not Dead! You made it pretty quickly Destroyer so kudos. I thought that it was a pretty solid film and I always love to see debates so that was cool. In real life there are still many such debates and William Lane Craig is probably my favorite person from the Christian side. That being said, I haven't watched a whole lot of the debates since they can be seriously long. Definitely a good film and I was glad to see that it did so well in the box office.