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~Ephesians 5:16

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a visit to the city known as Manhattan. When one lives in New Jersey, a trip to the Big Apple is always quite the event. Arguably, the biggest place in the city to visit is Times Square. On my way to Nintendo World I walked into it, and out of it. The things which set Times Square apart from other parts of the city are the many unique stores and also the big billboards of pictures and videos. Sadly, about 90% of those billboards showcase scantily clad women.

Things change.

Years and years ago you wouldn't find this kind of stuff in public settings. As the years go on, things change. What was once considered to be unheard of is now the norm. For example, years ago it was insane to think a certain word that starts with an "f" would make its way into a PG-13 movie. Nowadays, if one heard it, it wouldn't be "Whoa! How could they allow that?!" Instead it would seem normal to the viewer because these types of words are almost basic language today.

The culture changes, and dictates what should be allowed in society. Magazines that were once held behind a counter can now be seen almost right away when you enter a Barnes & Noble. As the culture allows this stuff to be in abundance, the further away it gets from morality and wholesomeness.

People change. Society changes. Culture changes. There are only two things that remain unchanged: one is the Bible, and the other is Jesus Christ.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." ~Hebrews 13:8

Murder, Assault, Killing, Suicide; These kind of things have been happening all throughout history, even during Biblical times! Now, let me ask you question...has the society and culture gotten better or worse? Do you hear more stories of people being heroes or committing those things on the news? Sadly it has gotten much worse because the culture has shifted away from the principles God has established.

The Bible has remained unchanged for thousands of years. How amazing is it that a book written so long ago could be incredibly relevant today? How nicer would society be if more people simply followed things like "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" (Mark 12:31) and "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church." (Ephesians 5:25) The Bible is technically still the most read book today, but people just don't put it into practice. Even some believers choose not to follow Biblical principles and instead follow the world thinking they're good to go because they simply believe God exists.

It's important to remember that God and his principles have remained unchanged all these years. However, human laws are always changing, and will continue to adapt what society wants, and not God. People would rather  live a "fun" purpose-less life than put God's plan to action. I can say that it is a lot more meaningful to live a life dedicated to living out God's Word. In my years before accepting Christ into my life, I had no purpose and this emptiness inside. Today however, I wake up each morning ready for action and with joy because I know God is with me and He and His words don't change.

Society will continue to change and plunder its way into Hell. Jesus will continue to remain unchanged as this happens. Will you stand with an always changing culture that doesn't care about an individual unless he or she is a famous person, big money maker, or what it deems as beautiful, or with a God that loves and cherishes you as His creation?

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  1. Yeah, the signs can certainly be pretty dicey there although the corruption certainly goes by quietly since I hardly even notice the signs anymore. I guess it helps that it's just so crowded there in the afternoons that I'm just trying to squeeze by everyone. It's scenic in Times Square and especially if you don't go there often, but it's typically a lot faster to just hop over to another avenue. Less people and no signs! I haven't been to the Nintendoworld store in quite a while, but it was definitely fun back in the day.

    It's basically inevitable that America will fall away from God at some point, although hopefully we can still keep a firm grasp for a while with the big churches like Times Square's still doing well. I'm nearing the end of 1st Kings now in my Bible trek and Judah/Israel definitely fell from the Lord many times during the journey, but they always made their way back in time. Hopefully America can turn back for a while longer or at least do a better job of protecting us from things that we really shouldn't have to see while walking. I agree that having obscene magazines out in full display is definitely not good. I would expect that from the corner stands, but not from B&N. Ours has held strong so far and hopefully they'll stay that way. I guess it's just one of the cons for NYC. We're huge and everyone loves coming here, but as a result, it can be pretty worldly. (Ironically, a large majority of the citizens in the US consider themselves to be Christians...)