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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book 1: The Tower of Babel

I honestly almost had forgotten about this story, I was so sure that Abraham was next. Anyways, this is a turning point for our history, and it demonstrates how anti-Godly a lot of people were.

The story really begins with a descendant of Noah: Nimrod. This mighty hunter is responsible for building many cities, Babylon being one of them. Something I never noticed before was that he was the one that built Nineveh, the corrupt city where Jonah was sent. Ah, it's amazing how you learn something new everyday. So, this Nimrod built the city known as Babylon, where he started his own false religion. This guy appears to be the first "mighty" person, in the verse he is described as "mighty" three times. So this guy was the first "tyrant." (Every era has one, this guy, Nero, Stalin, etc.) He described as a mighty "hunter."  This guy set the example, and the people following him had a splendid idea.

Why not make a name for themselves and build a tower that could reach into the Heavens?!

Yeah, it's a pretty interesting concept. Instead of populating the earth like God wanted them too, they decided that would rather stay in Babylon and build a great tower. Sigh, the humanity of it all. According to one of my sources, it is said that within the tower, instead of worshiping God, they worshiped idols made of wood, stone and metal. According to Revelation, it looks like Babylon was the inspiration for all things evil after the Fall and the Flood. God even remembered the city Chapter 16:19 while the "end of the world" was happening.

Back on the main topic, the people building the Tower had one language, (maybe English, nah, probably Latin......okay, it's most definitely Hebrew) and wanted some publicity with the Tower. While building, God came down and had a look at what was transpiring. "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other." In other words, with one language, what's to stop them from building more sinister towers? An evil cult would reign supreme, but God had other plans for the earth. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself is the theme here. The workmen suddenly couldn't work, all of them were sounding different to each other. It was quite an intelligent approach, instead of simply mind-wiping these guys and sending them on their way, He changes the languages. So they spread all over the face of the earth. (Which means they were in America first, sorry Columbus and the Vikings.)

Overall, this story is very interesting, and goes a lot deeper when you sit down and really think about it. The world's first tyrant, Nimrod, serving as leader and the person people look to, a hunter, someone who is called "mighty." He probably slayed other cities, hunted down the weak. Fun fact I just read: Nimrod by scholars is identified with the god of Babylon, how about that? The infamous Tower of Babel will always be remembered as the event that made our languages different. I learned a lot from reading this story again, stuff I didn't realize before.

Thanks for reading.

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