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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Detective Comics #2 Review

Originally, I was only going to be picking up the Justice League series spinning out of the New 52. Then I heard some really good things about Detective Comics. Batman has always been my favorite DC hero, up until that point, I haven't read a hardcore Batman story in awhile. I picked it up, and it was the best comic I've read in a long time, I gave it a PERFECT score. Now, issue two has arrived. Does it continue to be that dark detective story established from the first issue? Read on.

There's a certain cliche in a lot of media, namely TV shows and a lot of the times, comics. Basically, the first issue or episode of anything will start out with a bang, makes sure it captivates the reader. The second episode or issue will slow down the pace and be more dialogue-centric. It is usually never as good as the first, same applies here. But, it still is a great issue.

The issue continues the plot from the last, Batman is on a mission to rescue Olivia, little does he know that things are not what they seem......

In this issue, we get some Bruce Wayne scenes. His character is established as more of Tony Stark-esque. (Not TOO much, thank goodness.) This short romance with a reporter (hmm, remind you of something from a certain 2008 film?) wasn't needed and felt forced. We really don't need it to make the story entertaining. Once he suits up, it gets back on track.

So far, this is a perfect Batman story. There are no sidekicks, there are no references to the other heroes of DC, this is a definitive Batman story. As I've said in my review for issue one, it feels like an episode of the Animated Series, this would make a great direct-to-DVD adaption. (In ten years, they probably will use it.) The thought boxes for Batman is really, really important and what's been keeping this series in its atmosphere. Batman is a deadly serious, no-nonsense, get the job done guy, I've always wondered what he's thinking through all that. These dialogue boxes really separate him from the rest of the DCU, it gives him the human-edge.

Doll Maker so far has been alright, but I don't see the threat others in the past have provided. I don't see the difference between this guy, and say, Professor Pyg. I'm sure I'll change my mind in the coming issues. The most interesting plot of this series so far is with Joker, but that isn't touched upon at all really in this issue. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes. Commissioner Gordon has a very interesting edge to him in this series, becoming a bit more than just the guy Batman goes to for info.

The art as I've said in my past review, is top-notch. It fits the dark and gritty atmosphere well. Maybe I didn't notice it before, but the ear part in Batman's costume is way too short. Not a big deal of course, just something.

Overall, this issue is non-comparable to the first, but it's still a great read. If you're looking for a definitive Batman story, no sidekicks, no guys that can fly faster than a speeding bullet, just a guy attempting to bring order to a city with no heart, check this series out. The ending had me surprised, I don't know how it will get resolved.



  1. I agree with the whole Romantic Interlude thing. It felt really out of place. This is the best Batman story being told right now, hands down.

  2. I agree, Detective Comics so far has been a very good read. I recommend it for people who aren't even comic fans, it's a perfect dark, detective story.