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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Justice League #2 Review

So, I enter the second issue of the rebooted (um, revamped) Justice League series. This has been really special for me, cause I haven't journeyed into the DC world in quite awhile. I rented some trades at my local library in the past, but I wasn't following what was happening currently. Then the New 52 was announced, and I picked Justice League #1. I was floored, giving it a 9/10. So I, a Marvel reader, was now  following a DC title, thanks to this revamp. Issue one was the perfect start, and issue two has to keep it up, right? Of course.

The story continues with Superman attacking Batman and Green Lantern. You see, Superman thinks it was Batman who attacked him and attempted to destroy the building. Realizing that they are doomed, Green Lantern calls in Barry Allen, the Flash......

Ah, truly a blockbuster issue. What I like is the perfect balance between action, dialogue, and drama. It doesn't go overboard on any. You can see the seeds being planted for them being a team, but it feels natural, and it's going to be cool when they form, though it's still hard to see this hot-headed Superman joining a team.

Speaking of Superman, I really don't like his revamped portrayal. He's too rash and hot-headed, this is not the Superman we know. They're trying to make him more "hip" for today's crowd, but what we're getting is a completely different character. He acting more like Superboy from the Young Justice show. What I do like is how Batman is the one taking charge. Back in the old days, it was officially Superman who was the leader, but technically it was Batman. I like how this series is establishing Batman as the leader fully, because so far there is NO ONE that is up to his league in this Justice League reboot. (Sorry, revamp.)

The Flash is the new member established. I don't like his portrayal, he comes off as whiny and the guy you just want to slap back into commission. I've read plenty of Hal Jordan stories in the past, this Hal Jordan comes off as a rookie and is just annoying like the movie's version. I know I know, this is the "early" days, but he's acting TOO much like a jerk. "Yes, Batman is real, and he's a tool." I mean really?

Besides that line, the writing is very good. It isn't dull and keeps you wanting more. Cyborg, (though technically he isn't yet) is portrayed as the "nice" guy. His scenes with his father are the man points of drama in this issue. It's rather generic, but it has some very dramatic moments. One of the few things I didn't like was that Darkseid wasn't mentioned, it feels like the main plot is getting pushed to the side in favor of introducing the character dynamics between each other, That is a good and bad thing, it depends on the reader's perspective. I also would have liked that Superman vs. Batman fight, there really wasn't much of that sadly.

Is it really necessary to mention how great the art is? Jim Lee is awesome with it, some of the best art in comics right now. Each character and backdrop is given sufficient detail. And the splash pages, they are just AMAZING. This is why we read comics, to see people breaking free of green alien chains.

Overall, I was floored by this issue. It is the definition of "comic." It has amazing action sequences, it has superheros looking cool, and novel-worthy writing. When you buy a comic, you're not supposed to get bored while reading silly dialogue, or put it down after reading and saying, "That wasn't worth my $4." (I'm looking at you, Amazing Spider-Man.) You buy a comic for stories of epic magnitude not seen in books or films. That is what Justice League has been thus far, a story of epic magnitude. Pick it up if you aren't reading it already.



  1. I feel that this Superman is justified in his behavior. He already been through a lot in Action Comics, and that's just the first two issues. I am sure by the time Grant Morrison is through with him, it will seem in retrospect that Supes had the patience of a Saint in these early issues. Great review, I hope you stick around the Dc waters for a little bit.

  2. I haven't been reading Action Comics, so I guess I wouldn't know. I plan on sticking around DC for awhile, the ones I'm reading are top-notch.

    Thanks Darth Nearl.