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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of Earth Part One Review

This is it. This is where the Amazing Spider-Man has been leading up to, way back from #600. Slott's Spidey run has been mixed. His debut in Big Time was fantastic, but overtime his version of the Web-Head got stale. He introduced a new girlfriend for Peter, then took her off the main cast some issues later. The previous two issues sufferred from pretty bad dialogue, it was just a lead-up to this issue. Well, it's finally here, the start of the 'biggest year for Spider-Man ever.' I'm inclined to agree, the issue had everything a good Spidey issue requires.

Official description from Marvel:

• Part One Of “Ends Of The Earth”, The Next Big Spider-Man Event!• The Doc Ock Story You’ve Waited 50 Years For! Doctor Otto Octavius Holds The Entire Earth Hostage With His Dying Breath. What Price Will Spider-Man Have To Pay To Buy The Whole World One More Day?• Special Appearance By The Avengers!

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, right up there with Green Goblin and Venom. He also has one of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, but only now is that being realized. Doc Ock has never been a major player besides in the Amazing Spider-Man world. I'm glad that Slott is realizing his potential, even if he's on the brink of death. I wonder exactly how this will play out. Slott really does give the impression that this will be the final story with the Doctor. The issue had a more high-quality feel than some of the previous ones, the writing is strong. I actually felt myself enjoying to read Spidey's dialogue, it's good and not juvenile. (A certain issue with Daredevil being a main culprit.) The issue is dialogue-centric, which usually in this case would be (probably) a bad thing, but the writing is strong enough to hold through it. Onnce again, the only two blips would be the mayor and the citizens. C'mon, JJJ should have been impeached by now. I think it's supposed to be a running gag, but it isn't working. And I am tired of citizens not appreciating Spidey's work, it may have been a fun running gag in the past, but no longer.

The art is really strong, some of the best in awhile for this series. The Avengers look better here than in their own book! The cover is also great, featuring Spider-Man over earth being held by Doctor Octopus's robotic tentacles, Regarding the new costume, it's a pretty awesome addition. The final page is just fantastic, it's one of those where you're like "Heck yeah!" Fantastic build-up to that page, it really gives off a sense that this will be the end-all event.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best Spider-Man comics in awhile. Slott handles the characters, especially Spidey, right. There's a feel of impending doom, it's good stuff. Doc Ock is handled well, and the art is great. Watch out for that final page, the lead-up and then boom, it's awesome man. Let's see if the rest of this event holds up, or becomes another Grim Hunt.


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