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Friday, March 23, 2012

Justice League #7 Review

Five years later. That's the time skip from the previous issue. The first arc of Justice League was 'epic,' save for some poor writing and an underwhelming Darkseid. This issue would 'officially' be taking place in modern day with the majority of the other titles. Basically, this issue is the foundation of how the issues are going to be from now on. Judging by this issue, Justice League looks to give everything we want in the title.

Official description from DC:

Now that the team’s origin story is complete, starting with this issue we shift to the present-day Justice League! What has changed? Who has joined the team since? Featuring artwork by Gene Ha, the story also reintroduces the team’s greatest champion: Steve Trevor! Also starting in this issue: “The Curse of Shazam!” featuring a story by Geoff Johns and art by Gary Frank! Discover Billy Batson’s place in DC Comics – The New 52 as we reveal his all-new origin story!

The team is actually acting like a team. It's great to see everyone working together like they've been doing it for years. (Cause they have.) Making plans, and the dialogue is a lot stronger. Cyborg actually makes a great addition to the team. Green Lantern once again proves to be the worst written character in the whole thing. There's a difference between funny comic relief and corny, cringe worthy comic relief. GL falls under the latter category. Wonder Woman actually has unique dialogue rather than standing out as a cardboard cutout. Superman is a strange case, I'm not quite sure what his role in the team is. Muscle guy? Secret weapon? Either way, he's a heck lot better than he was in the previous story. I also really liked Batman's jab at Justice League International, good stuff. The art is as always really strong. Though it had more of a 'gritty' look than the previous arc's dynamic art. Those creatures and its master looked appropriately scary. The characters and humans look great, and the cover is fantastic. 

Overall, a pretty strong issue of Justice League. Basically, the previous arc was just used to establish the team, from now on they'll be acting like the League we all know and love. The dialogue, (aside from the citizens and GL) is pretty strong when compared to the previous arc's. The issue also features a Shazam backup story. I'm sure Captain Marvel (though I guess technically we shouldn't use that term anymore) fans will like it. 


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