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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Eight Review

The Ultraman Manga continues with its solid story development. The previous chapter was light on the action, but that was fine since Chapter Six was heavy on it. In Seven Alien Z-Ton explained the situation of Earth being inhabited by numerous aliens. On the final page he revealed that he wants Shinjiro to be the new Ultraman. This chapter doesn't establish anything truly new, aside from a murder mystery. It's a pretty strong chapter, but lacks the punch the previous few had.

Shinjiro appears to be reluctant on becoming the new Ultraman. Z-Ton explains to him that the world needs to know there is a hero protecting them. Meanwhile there's a mysterious and gruesome murder mystery brewing.  How is all this connected? We'll find out soon I'm sure. This chapter could be said to be a breather from all the major developments. Here we see Shin back in school, which we haven't seen since Chapter Two. Sadly ever since beating up a bully, he's being treated as an outcast. This doesn't help his already depressed-for-no-reason personality. Still, this chapter does bring in some solid character development. He isn't quite a solid protagonist yet, but he's getting there. What's interesting is that in the beginning a kind of murder mystery is established. Who is killing people? It's an interesting thing keeping the chapter from being filler. It should also be noted that a guy calling himself Moroboshi appears. I'm not sure how he relates to Ultra7, (Dan Moroboshi is Seven's human name.) now we have another interesting plot point. The art is pretty good throughout. A highlight is the page showcasing a grisly murder. The blood with the face in it was a very nice touch.

Overall, not a bad chapter of Ultraman. Slightly disappointing since technically not too much happened. Shin is at least growing on me as a character. With him donning the armor on the final page, I look forward to seeing what happens in Chapter Nine.



  1. I'm definitely ready for the next fight! Who knows...maybe the murderer is our first completely human Ultraman opponent (Dark Ultraman anyone?) this could be interesting

  2. Ooooh, so close!

    Dan Moroboshi is Ultra 7's Human Form, you see, when Seven came to Earth he saved a mountain climber named Jiro Satsuma who almost fell to his death from saving
    a comrade. BUT unlike the original Ultraman, instead of combing with a human host,
    Ultraman Seven took on the exact likeness of Jiro Satsuma, and created a human form for himself. But to avoid confusion Ultra Seven named his human form "Dan Moroboshi".

    Moroboshi in this manga is a nod to Ultra Seven, showing that this manga gives light nod to other Showa Ultraman series in its own way. Plus if you look at the glasses he wears, its the same glasses Dan Moroboshi puts on to transform into Ultra Seven.

    So when Ultraman fans noticed that surprise, a lot of the reaction was like: "HOLY CRAP! T-THAT'S ULTRA SEVEN!" lol

    Just to inform you Destroyer, you will be seeing more of him. And when he displays his character and personality, you will begin to find that he's not very friendly.

    Chapter 9 will certainly assure you that Shinjiro will finally have proper character development. Even more so, the experience he encounters and learns in chapter 9 makes him grow as a likeable protagonist. Even if he hasn't gotten use to the whole
    being Ultraman deal yet.

    1. I should turn in my Ultraman fan membership card for not catching it the first time.

      Looking forward to seeing where this goes...I shall check out Chapter 9 soon.