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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Nine Review

The Ultraman Manga takes an interesting turn in this chapter. Previously we saw a guy named Moroboshi appear. What's so important about that you ask? Moroboshi refers to Dan Morosobi, the human disguise of Ultrman 7. His being here raises quite a few questions. Besides that the previous chapter was generally just taking it easy. This time the public sees Ultraman for the first time in years. While technically kind of a filler chapter, it was still a pretty good read with a very interesting ending.

Here we have the two officers from last time that were told off from Moroboshi. They run ino a very big car accident. This accident is so big that Shinjiro himself has to jump in. Meanwhile back at Science Patrol base Moroboshi reveals he's not too big of a fan of Shinjiro. This chapter can be summed up pretty fast. Shin saves someone from an about-to-explode-truck and we find out Moroboahi is an arrogant hotshot whom doesn't like Shin. The important thing is that the public sees Shin as Ultraman for the first time. It's easy to forget he isn't giant, hence the very humorous scene when Officer Kurata said "Cosplaying?" Shin still has yet to leave an impression on me. His reluctance earlier in the chapter didn't help matters. But, by the end he seems to actually like being Ultraman, so maybe from here I can start calling him a solid protagonist.

The artwork is very strong. There are some very memorable shots, such as when Shin faces the two officers, fantastic panel. The ending with Moroboshi was quite interesting. Alien Z-Ton is still the best character in the whole thing, loved his appearance here. Moroboahi on the other hand is being portrayed either as someone very cool or very unlikable, it's up to the reader to decide.

Overall, Chapter Nine of the Ultraman manga isn't the most exciting plot wise, but still has some interesting developments. No sign of any villains, but that's how mangas work, they're usually very heavy with character development. Either way, this series is still going strong.



  1. I find this chapter nicely well done, Shinjiro is basically building up his own reputation with the public (Since after all, he's Ultraman, and its best to have a healthy impression with the people if you're going to be their hero later on). I find it to be a decent stepping stone of character development for Shinjiro.

    Of course with he dancing around in deciding to be Ultraman or not, while seemingly annoying is certainly understandable. I doubt many people would just hope on board in being Ultraman after a day or two has passed after being asked. Going up against powerful Aliens that level city blocks and hold great power, yeah, that and sacrificing whatever social life you have?

    Yeah, doesn't sound like much of a option that the common person would go with naturally lol.

    So again, while a bit annoying, Shinjiro not accepting or answering right away is a natural reaction, it makes him a more well rounded character.

    In terms of Moroboshi, you'll find out later on that he's not trying to be cool. He's actually a hard on type of fellow. Takes crap from no one, and doesn't apologize for anything. You'll arrive to this same conclusion in the next few upcoming chapters.

    Overall, I like this chapter, it indeed felt like a bit of filler, but its more or less about establishing the return of Ultraman. And Shinjiro establishing a good reputation as a hero among the public. A expected chapter among heroic manga stories. ^_^

    1. Those are good points. I'm really interested in seeing where Shinjiro goes as a character. I'll be checking out Chapter 10 soon.