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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Fifteen Review

At this point, the Ultraman manga is one of the mote intriguing reads out there. Longtime fans, especially watchers of the original series, will get the most out of it. The previous chapter was one of the biggest, showing off a huge fight between Shinjiro and Alien Adacic. It ended with Shin eradicating the alien. The cliffhanger promised great things to come. After such an action-packed chapter, this breather was expected. While incredibly short, this installment does have some interesting plot developments.

Ito and Z-Ton are having a discussion on the recent alien activity while Moroboshi confronts Shin on what being an Ultraman is. Despite being only 15 pages, a lot of good stuff is covered. The entire opening with Z-Ton and and Ito had me glued to the screen. It's more foreshadowing than revealing, but there's enough good mystery in the dialogue keeping the reader engaged. Then we have the next scene, revolving around Shin and Moroboshi. These two make for an interesting dynamic since they're so vastly different. The 'big' thing is the ending, where Moroboshi shows Shin a city within a building. It's not the most satisfying cliffhanger, but it is interesting. The art is alright, this chapter suffers from a lack of detail in the faces.

Overall, a light but very intriguing chapter in the Ultraman manga. I like how nicely the story is coming along. This installment foreshadows and reveals some very interesting things. What is this inner-city? The plot keeps bringing in the surprises.


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  1. Ultraman is definitely shaping up to be a pretty great manga. Well, this chapter may not have had any big fights, but big things definitely seem to be coming. It'll be interesting to see who Ultraman's next opponent is