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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Fourteen Review

This chapter in the Ultraman manga could be the biggest yet. It's also one of the longest, coming in at 33 pages. The previous chapter had Shinjiro confront Alien Adacic. The latter managed to catch our hero off guard by making him think if he really was Ultraman. It took some kind words from Rena (supposedly an up-and-coming love interest) to get him back in action. This chapter ends Volume 2 on a high note. Great dialogue, awesome fight, and more foreshadowing of what's to come.

Here we have Shinjiro ready for action. Alien Adacic is taken aback by this situation and presides to put an end to Ultraman. Meanwhile Alien Z-ton talks to Ito about 'wrapping this up.' And finally...looks like there are bigger things at work there. It took a long time, but I can safely say Shinjiro is making for a fine protagonist. In this chapter we see him talking back to Alien Adacic with style. There's also a human side thanks to the thinking boxes. It gives us insight into how Shin is feeling about the current situation, something I don't think that's been fully explored in past Ultraman shows. Alien Adacic has some of the best dialogue, he's mean and humorous at the same time. It's a shame he's gone now, I would have liked some more appearances.

The fight is appropriately climatic and epic. There's beams and some melee for good measure. Rena gets another appearance, and once again she's does nothing to impress me. The art is pretty strong. Granted, the fight could have had a little more detail, but no true problem. Alien Adacic looked really creepy and deranged in some panels, props to that. Even more so a shame we probably won't be seeing him again.

Overall, a blockbuster chapter. It has it all, emotion, a big fight, and a fantastic ending. While it may have started off simple this manga is getting bigger now. With Bemular making a return soon, the story will be heating up even more.


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  1. Definitely sounds like a pretty great chapter. With the first 2 volumes gone, the series has definitely proved to be a consistently solid series. Hopefully this manga popularizes the franchise once again so that an anime or a new film can come out soon