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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A True, True Friend and What I'm Made of: Two of my Favorite Songs

A True, True Friend, by Daniel Ingram. Appearance: My Little Pony Friendship: is Magic episode 'Magical Mystery Cure'

A bit of an odd choice to the average person, since it's from a cartoon and probably wouldn't be considered a 'real song' to hardcore music listeners. But the truth of the matter is the show is filled with music that is a light in this very dark world. While there have been many songs in it on friendship, none are quite like A True, True Friend. This song relates to what's happening in the episode, but can still be heard on its own. It's about what being a real friend is like.

A True, True Friend helps a friend in need
A friend will be there to help them see

It has a really nice message telling the viewers/listeners what a real friend should be like. The fact that it's genuine and insanely catchy (and of course since I like the show) is why it's one of my all time favorites. Reading an interview on Daniel Ingram has shown me he puts a lot of heart into each song, making them genuine with a great message to behold. A True, True Friend is a prime example, I look forward to seeing future songs he'll bring to the table.

What I'm Made of by Crush 40. Appearance: Sonic Heroes

Another strange choice, since this song is featured in a video game. One of the things I like about Crush 40's work is that while the music is in relation to the events in their respective games, the songs themselves can be listened to on their own and something could be taken out of them. Examples include Live and Learn and Open Your Heart. What I'm Made of is my favorite for a few reasons. It's a power-encourager with an upbeat tone and motivating lyrics.

Try to reach inside of me
Try to take my energy
Let me show you just what I'm made of!

The song is talking about what's happening within the game of course, but if one listens to it, they can easily enjoy and take something out of it. Having the courage to fully show what you're capable of, not letting another bring you down and drain your energy. It's just a great song to listen to when one is happy or down. I've supported Crush 40 for many years, they're always producing quality work that sadly hasn't been heard all too much outside the gaming world.


  1. "What I'm Made Of" is definitely intense song. Crush 40 produced most of Sonic's greatest soundtracks of all time. I'm glad that Brawl was actually able to include a few. I'm glad to see such an epic song make it into the list

    1. Welll.......I haven't listened to the MLP music that much in the past so I haven't seen enough of it to judge. B)

    2. I love the show. I've watched all the episodes and seen equestra girls (a kinda strange mlp movie). And I think I agree with you. I feel "a true, true friend" was the most touching song of the show. I haven't heard the sonic one, but I might. And as always, you may comment on all my comments and replies.

    3. Ok, with this comment it well now notify me.
      By again!

  2. This is a fun topic to discuss! I'm trying to decide which pony song I love the most, but it's sooooo hard! I haven't heard that sonic song before but it's super fun!