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Sunday, July 21, 2013

On My Mind: A Lack of God in Horror Movies

I love a good horror movie.

Now when I say horror I'm not talking about slasher stories such as Friday the 13th or Texas Chainsaw, I'm not into gory slashers. The horror I'm talking about is combined with science fiction, like Alien or atmospheric supernatural stories. (Usually found footage related things.) Lately I can't say I'm truly into the genre, cause there's nothing really good anymore. But I'm not here to talk about the state of horror films, I'm here to talk about a lack of God in them.

The popular plot devices to use in horror movies are ghosts and demons. Demon possession is a very popular thing, always has been and always will be. Do you know what my problem is? God and angels are virtually never used in these movies. The word 'demon' seems to be overused and not fully understood by the people making these films. A demon is a fallen angel that sided with the Devil. Films like the Paranormal Activities highlight demonic attacks. Despite demons being used continually, you never see these characters seek out a Bible and want to learn how to protect themselves. Instead, the film is content with showing the characters' fear instead of them trying to grasp the situation. You would think being menaced by a demon would inspire them to crack open a Bible.

In all four Paranormal Activity movies, God isn't mentioned once. I find it interesting how the film industry is so eager to accept demons into their stories but won't allow Godly or angelic intervention. I also don't like how virtually all supernatural/demonic-attack movies never have happy endings. Instead of a character prevailing the attack through faith, they usually end up either completely possessed, or killed. Forbid if faith could be used in a positive light. And if there are demons, why can't angels come in? It's like the film industry doesn't want to add anything that represents Godliness and instead wants to focus on the evil. Interestingly, there was one movie three years ago called Legion. Actual angels appeared, but they are portrayed as the bad guys, sadistic, and they themselves were acting all demonic. (Even taunting the main characters.)
Yes, that is supposed to be one of God's angels. Great going Hollywood.

Really though, in today's world none of this comes as a surprise. Hollywood is so eager to use anything that would keep people's interest, but at the same time eliminate anything that is considered Spiritual or 'Biblically correct.' I'm not saying all the movies have to be preaching to the viewer, but it's sad that virtually none of the characters in these flicks knows what a demon truly is, which of course is the writer's fault. The movie House, which is based on the same book by Christian author Frank Peretti, shows us how well a dark and serious horror movie with a Christian touch works.Another example is the movie Priest, which is a dark, but really fun action movie with a Christian touch.

I'm 99% sure nothing will change. We'll keep getting movies with demonic possession without the characters thinking of asking God for help. My respect for Hollywood keeps dwindling.


  1. Wow, that's how angels look in Legion? That looks like a random zombie that you'd see in Resident Evil...I can't even....

    Yeah, Hollywood's definitely fallen. Only showing (The Demon) half of the story is pretty misleading and we should see some more Angels or at least Christian elements in the films. Priest is definitely a good example (If you can call that film horror) since it's actually a plot about The Church and God.

    I'd recommend the Left Behind series. It may not be a complete horror, but it deals with the end times and Christianity is definitely present as well as Satan himself. My favorite film of the series was the 3rd and it's pretty solid.

    For anime that feature Christianity, I would mention To Aru Majutsu No Index,'s complicated. That anime explores all of the different religions involving God and other "gods" Budha, Christianity, Church of England, etc. The Church parts are actually pretty fun since you learn a lot of fun facts (Which I hope are true) and while the anime is biased for the Church of England (The "heroes" of the show) at least they are all mentioned. Faith and prayers actually help the characters through their battles and an Angel descends from the heavens to pass judgement during the climax of the (1st) series.

    In short I wouldn't recommend watching the series since it's a bit "hardcore" at times and suffers from Medaka Box syndrome, but at least you can live with the knowledge that an anime featured a little bit of Godly themes in it. It's a series where you don't want to watch it, but you may want to look up a battle amv or something. I do strongly recommend watching the Left Behind series! (Unless you've already seen it)

    For a general audience horror film that features Christianity in a positive light, I'd recommend checking out "A Haunting in Connecticut" I really disliked the film due to it being a horror film and really not my type of film (1/5 stars) at least holy power is used.

    Well, good article Destroyer. Definitely my longest comment to one as well. I guess we'll just need to hope for the best, but expect the worst. I'll be awaiting your next article/editorial

    1. "For a general audience horror film that features Christianity in a positive light, I'd recommend checking out "A Haunting in Connecticut" I really disliked the film due to it being a horror film and really not my type of film (1/5 stars) at least holy power is used."

      *but at least holy power is used*

      I knew that I'd make a typo with a comment that long. Ah well, at least I tried. I'm really hoping that one day there's a cool anime horror film. I can't actually think of any, which is pretty sad. An anime horror film (If done right) could be really cool!

    2. That anime sounds really interesting. I wish more shows would use angelic intervention...

      I've always wanted to see the Left Behinds, I'll check them out soon. I didn't know that about "A Haunting in Connecticut." I'll give that a watch too, cause now I'm interested.