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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Godzilla: Legends #1 Review

Godzilla: Legends is one of those series where it's truly the fans who would appreciate it. At its core, the concept is like a fan-fic, Destoroyah vs. Anguirus?! As a Godzilla fan, the concept is something I've always wanted, and now it's happening in the form of Legends. The possibilities are endless. Now Godzilla himself is awesome, but it's his allies and enemies who are just as interesting and deserve tales of their own. I've been anticipating this comic for quite sometime, it may just be my most anticipated comic of the year aside from Kingdom of Monsters #1. Of course, Kingdom of Monsters has disappointed me, but Gangsters and Goliaths was an amazing mini-series, so Legends had a big thing to live up to. Does it? Yes, yes it does.

The story begins with the sudden appearance of the most devastating monster of all time, DESTOROYAH. Before the good folks at G-Force could decide what to do, the monster destroys their building. Only two make it out, and are deciding what to do when a familiar roar is heard. The spiky armadillo known as Anguirus appears, and Destoroyah wouldn't mind a little massacre. Can Anguirus hope to beat the beast? Of course not, so get ready for a slaughter.

Well first off, you have to think for a second about this concept. Destoroyah vs. Anguirus? A bit random. You see, Anguirus is no match for Destoroyah, it's like comparing an ant to a tiger. This issue was perfect in applying the monster's strengths and weaknesses, I applaud at how accurate the story was. Anguirus tried and tried, but was met with unstoppable resistance. It's good stuff, just like how a movie would be.

This being a self-contained story, there isn't much time for development of the human characters. With that said, they were pretty much your average people. You have the loyal second-in-command, the hard-as-nails commander, and the scientist that just wants to do the right thing, always mellowing in self misery. So no one truly stood out, but they weren't bad either, just your generic summer blockbuster types.

Of course, we're here to watch the two monsters battle it out on paper, and it delivers. There are some amazing scenes, such as Anguirus standing in front of  the monstrous Destoroyah. One of things things that made me smile as a longtime Godzilla fan was when G-Force was talking about Anguirus's past encounters with other monsters, it showed Godzilla firing his atomic ray at him, (from Godzilla Raids Again) King Ghidorah grabbing him, (from Destroy All Monsters,) and Gigan slashing him. (From Godzilla vs. Gigan.) I love that, it makes this story canon, it was truly a treat to see those scenes referenced on paper. One amazing scene in the issue was when Destoroyah was slowly breaking Anguirus' jaw, it truly gave the mass murderer persona he has.

The art is another high point of the book, easily beating Kingdom of Monsters and even Gangsters and Goliaths. It has a certain style I like, both the humans and monsters look great. Especially Destoroyah, there are some spectacular scenes with him. He looks, as Doctor Who would say, fantastic. Anguirus also looks great, matching his look from Destroy All Monsters perfectly. The covers are also fantastic. The main one by Arthur Adams is probably the best representation of Anguirus in a comic yet. Bob Eggleton's has some really nice detail, giving off a dramatic atmosphere. (Love how Godzilla is drawn.) The one I got, by Matt Frank, is truly awesome in capturing the feel of the issue, Destoroyah looks amazing on it, and the silhouette of Godzilla in the background was a nice touch. It's in his universe, but the other two are the stars. Now if only Kingdom of Monsters could get Frank doing the art.

Overall, Godzilla: Legends #1 is one of the most simple comics I've ever read. It features a bunch of soldiers deciding what to do while two monsters duke it out, and I loved every second of it. In terms of quality, it doesn't match up to the first issue of Gangsters and Goliaths, it's mainly a fun popcorn style issue. With it's amazing monsters, great battle, and spectacular art, Godzilla: Legends #1 is a must-buy for any Godzilla fan.



  1. how many godzilla mvoies are out there?!

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! do they have parts like 1st 2nd ect.?

  3. Every Godzilla movie in their era follow each other.

    Showa is 50's to the 70's.
    Heisei is 80's to the 90's.
    Millennium is 2000's to current.