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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justice League #3 Review

Well, the revamped Justice League series enters its third issue. I've been giving high praise to this series so far, it's been having that high quality movie feel, combined with DC's way of telling stories, it's been a fun ride so far. One of the best series I'm currently reading. I won't waste anytime talking about how The New 52 was a good idea anymore, it's time to get onto the review. Some spoilers, so skip to the last paragraph if you've yet to read the issue.

The story continues with the demonic creatures from another world attacking the heroes. With a little help from the arrival of the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, they drive the creatures back, but not enough. Meanwhile, Victor is on the verge of dying, so his father makes a decision to send nanites into him. Back on the battlefield, the creatures are halted when another hero rises from the depths of the sea......

As you can see, the latest member to join the team is Wonder Woman. I don't read her series, so I can't comment on how they link. With that said, her portrayal is accurate enough in how she would be fresh out of Paradise Island, though most of the time she's seems cardboard, lacking character. The other new member is Aquaman, who is introduced at the end. I already can't stand this incarnation, "So, who's in charge here? I vote me." I mean really? Do these members have to be so un-heroic in their words? Again, Batman is really the only likable character. We haven't seen enough of Cyborg yet.

"Why didn't you stop her?" Yes, that's what Steven Trevor asked a soldier about letting Wonder Woman go. How ridiculous is that quote? This issue has a lot of words, but it doesn't feel like a lot, which is a good thing. It balances between dialogue and action supremely well. You get satisfaction for spending the four dollars, unlike Amazing Spider-Man, where it should be $2:99 instead. That's when you know you have a good comic, when you put it down with satisfaction, and not feeling cheated by anything, not by the art, or the story. You feel content, and that's what I've been with Justice League so far.

Wow, Superman is pretty downplayed in this issue, becoming nothing more than someone who just fights. I know this is a new take and all that, but to altar him in this manner is almost unbearable, he isn't the hero you could turn to. "You're strong." He has some mindless dialogue, acting more like Superboy from Young Justice. In fact, I'd say their portrayals are identical. There isn't much development for the team, it's basically them fighting off Darkseid's hordes. It's still hard to picture them becoming a team after this is over, so we'll see if it feels forced or rushed.

The art is one the best parts of this series. Jim Lee, along with Alex Ross, are my favorite comic book artists. Everyone looks great, and the splash pages are gorgeous. Triple A plus art that puts Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man to shame.

Overall, another great issue of Justice League. Wonder Woman needs a bit more character, but I'm sure that'll be fixed. Hopefully Superman will be less mindless as the issues go. With it's great story, excellent pacing, interesting characters, and fantastic art, Justice League #3 is a must-buy.

Another 9/10.


  1. I think it has become very easy to forget that this series, or at least the first arc, deals with five years before the other books. All these characters go through five years of all kinds of who know what before we see them in their regular books. I have been reading Aquaman, and he is definitely different here. I will go into more detail about this on my reviews which I hope to have up later today.

  2. wow a lot of things in marvel i have to catch up too..........

  3. That's true Darth Nearl, it is easy to forget that this series takes place five years ago.