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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Top 15 Greatest Comic Book Covers

The cover of anything is the most important selling factor. Like, when you go to the comic book store and search those back-issue bins, you look for the most visually-appealing covers. The cover entices the buyer, so you'll find that the cover is usually better than the interior art. Here I present what I consider to be the most visually-appealing, iconic, and just cool covers from my knowledge. You've probably read thousands of lists like this, but you'll find mine to be a bit more diverse. (Heh, I'm betting no one will agree with me.) So let's get started on what I consider to be the top 15 greatest comic book covers of all time. (I am not counting variants, cause then all the variant Godzilla covers would take up the space. Speaking of Godzilla.....)

15. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1

Heh, what better way to start off? This cover is iconic in many ways. First, look at the way it's shown, it's as if the camera guy is looking up at Godzilla, making him look supremely imposing. Not to mention how great Godzilla himself is drawn, when compared to the later covers of this series. The way it was drawn, it's as if the artist is saying, "The King is back, baby!"

14. Spirits of Vengeance #10

 Wow. The main focus of this cover is on Vengeance, the spiky Ghost Rider on the cycle. You can tell that this guy is no Ghost Rider wannabe, just look at those fangs, it gives off the crazy vibe that this is going to be one heck of comic with this guy. (And it's true.) And the way everyone's getting slapped to the side by this guy adds to the cool factor. It's one awesome cover, it really stood out when I found it, that's when you know a cover is good, when it stands out.

13. Superman #87
It's not Bizarro himself that makes this cover special, it's the backwards lettering and the backwards DC insignia. That in itself is unique and really grabs the attention of a looker. (It did to me, when I found this back in the library years ago.)

12. JLA/Avengers #2

If the fact of Superman and Thor wrestling or Captain America and Batman battling it out doesn't make your jaw drop, I don't know what will.

11. The Invincible Iron Man #29

The Sentient Armor storyline is my personal favorite Iron Man story, (yes, I've also read Demon in a Bottle) and this cover describes it perfectly. You can tell that's the Iron Man armor, and the fact that it's crushing its helmet is symbolism. The looker can attempt to deduce what the symbolism is, but you won't guess until you read the story. Truly a great cover.

10. Avengers #22

The Avengers have had a lot of great villains over the years. From Kang the Conqueror to the Masters of Evil, the team have had a lot of great encounters over the years. However, one name stands above them all: Ultron. The evil robot is by far the greatest villain, and one of Marvel's greatest. (Indeed, he was the one that destroyed the team and took over the world.) This cover is truly a standout, featuring the Avengers dead on the floor and Ultron standing in triumph. What I like is the background is red with all of the Avengers blending in, which makes Ultron look all the more menacing.

9. Batman #497

All you Batman fans know this one supremely well. The actual story is one of the best, the Bat gets broken. The cover's main focus is the hulking Bane, and how he's breaking Batman's back. As you could see in the backround, that's the Batcave. So that means that Bane is in the Batcave, which is part of why this cover is iconic, because not many villains break in there.

8. The Mighty Thor #385

Ah, these two Marvel titans. A battle between these two is always something the Marvel fans anticipates. There have been a bunch of covers where these two are trading blows, but this stands out the most. It's one of the earliest, and the poses are one of the most iconic in the comic industry.

7. JLA/Avengers #4

I'm sure some fans will debate this, Superman is the most iconic superhero of them all. (And this is coming from a Marvel fan.) Apparently both Marvel and DC realized this, cause on the cover of Issue Four from the JLA/Avengers mini-series, showcases the Big Red S holding both Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield. It's truly iconic for that reason, and the fact he's battled ravaged makes it even more so.

6. The Invincible Iron Man #48

Wow, just wow. This cover when I saw it immediately grabbed my eye. Ultron has been on a bunch of different covers, but none has grasped his evil tyrant look as this one. The lightning in the background really helps this cover, truly an outstanding one.

5. Spirits of Vengeance #6

Our friend Venom here has appeared on plenty of covers, this one stands out among the rest. First of all, the art is taken up a notch when compared to the other Spirits of Vengeance covers before this, it's as if the budget went higher for this cover. Venom looks amazing, especially with Ghost Rider's beaten up skull.

4. Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire #6

Everything about this cover screams spectacular. You have to admire the painted background and the angle of everything, it really gives off the "This is the end" feeling. The renegade angel, Zadkiel, is drawn with such precise detail, especially those wings. I like the closeup of both Ghost Riders, this is one amazing cover.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man #375

That cover is just mesmerizing. The two battling, and look at that gold foil background. The words there, "Spidey vs. Venom: The Final Confrontation!" gets you thinking, "Oh man, this is it, only one of them will walk away from this." They had made many more encounters after of course, but the point is, this cover was the endgame. It was the end of an era between these mortal rivals, and this cover is perfect in delivering that message. Ah, how I miss the glory days of Spidey.

2. Ghost Rider #2

This cover is just amazing. Here we have Ghost Rider, (which is one of the best representations of him I've ever seen) and Lucifer, the actual Devil. (Not Mephisto, the REAL Devil.) I just love everything about it, Ghost Rider standing over the Prince of Darkness, it's just truly an epic cover. It was hard not to put this for number one, but that honor belongs to something else....

1. Amazing Spider-Man #339

Surprised? This cover has always been such a favorite of mine, let me explain. First of all, it's been years since he put on the black costume, it's symbolism. You can see as he looks down at the Venom insignia, that there's no going back, he's no longer your "friendly neighborhood" Spidey, he's out to kill. It's truly an amazing cover. It's Spidey as we've never seen him before, it captures the dark feel, and that is why I consider it to be the greatest comic book cover of all time. Not a battle sequence, just a stance.

Honorable mentions

So, do you agree with me on any of these? What's your favorite cover? Thanks for reading.


  1. I love that Spider-man vs Venom cover from Amazing Spider-man # 375. Also, iconic in my opinion is the cover from # 347 with Venom holding Spider-man's skull.

  2. Thanks for that Jamb, I'm adding that cover to honorable mentions.

  3. You sure are Spider-Man and Ghost Rider big fan, aren't you! :P But very nice list, and is that Alex Ross who did the Godzilla cover on the 15th spot?

  4. Thanks Jolt. And yes, that cover was done by the famed Alex Ross.

  5. No wonder, it's sweet. :) It being made by Alex Ross and since you're a Godzilla fan too, I think it should be on a higher position!