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Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Comic Reviews

Hey all, welcome back. All I have is one comic review for you loyal readers this time around, Amazing Spider-Man #686. I know this place hasn't been getting as much posts as I want, but believe me, I have big plans for Destroyer's Editorials and Reviews. You can look forward to what is going to a great and funny Monster of the Week entry tomorrow. For now, onto the review. 

Amazing Spider-Man #686

Official Description

• In this perilously penultimate issue of “Ends of the Earth” Inferno: Earth rages! • We promised the End of the Earth… and this is it, Jocko! • Guest staring: a doomed planet.


This issue was a blast. It felt like a comic from the late 80's/early90's. The writing here us strong, Spidey himself is portrayed great. Mysterio is written fantastic for the most part, his lines are great. The issue's fast paced, yet the story runs smoothly. The plot twist you'll see here is just unbelievable. After you find out, you're like "Of course." But wow, Slott really knows how to surprise a reader and make this story engaging. The quality made the issue worth the $3.99.


Black Widow came off as just plain cold and emotionless. During the latter part, the writing started to get a bit off with a certain scene. Unless there's a double cross, the whole part just didn't make much sense and felt forced. JJJ seriously needs to be written better.


You know, with all the dialogue and everything going on, I didn't really pay attention to the art. It's good when a story is so engaging that the art becomes secondary. (It's the opposite for Justice League.) With that said, I think Caselli should stay on the title for awhile, his work fits the book perfectly.


Maybe the best entry in the Ends of the Earth event yet. The writing is strong, the characters are great, and some things you weren't expecting happen. While a certain scene in the latter part didn't make sense and felt forced, (this character would have already knew that) Amazing Spider-Man #686 is still another example of how to do a Spidey comic.


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