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Friday, June 15, 2012

Civil War Act's Finally Here!

Yes, after six months, the final act of Civil War is finally here. Even I'm surprised at how long it took to complete. Civil War had been going on for over a year, making it the series that took me the longest to make. After I brought back LazerMan in the Darkness sequel: Darkness Returns, I looked to try something new. This new thing was Huge Crisis, which was based on a story I had written years ago. It was a critical failure, my worst series ever. After the final episode, I wanted to re-invent my spriting career. No more excuses to finish up scenes quickly so the video could get up as soon as possible. No more one or two minute videos for an episode. No more boring fights. No more borrowed scenes. (Yes, the original Darkness had borrowed some scenes from other big time series.) I wanted to from now on make extremely high quality videos, even if it would takes months to complete a single one. A Nintendo/Sega Civil War had always been on my mind to do. After Huge Crisis, I decided it was time to bring back all the well-known characters from my past series. Inspired by, you guessed it, the Marvel Comics event Civil War and this all-star animation called the Oldschool Revolution, (YouTube it if you haven't seen it yet) I launched Civil War. In December I released the trailer for it, which would also be my first ever trailer for a sprite series. I was extremely positive about it, Act 1 "Ignition" released last January in 2011. It opened to positive reception and even I was impressed by the quality of the story I had injected. I started releasing them on a monthly basis, except for the gap between Act 3 and Act 4. (Act 4 is the second video that took me the longest to make, I hadn't experimented much with more than two characters fighting at the same time in the same frame.) However, the gap between Act 6 and Act 7 is cruelly huge. About three months in, I began to get bored of spriting. It became a chore rather than a fun little hobby. Sometimes I went whole weeks without working on a single frame. Then around last month I had posted that I was going to be resigning from spriting after one more video after Act 7. A few weeks later, I'm not quite sure what gave me the incentive, but I started spriting hard. I was determined to get the final Act up. As I listened to my iPod while working on the frames, I gained a new-found like toward the hobby. Now that Act 7 is done, I am ready to work on the Darkness motion picture event. (Seriously, it's going to be HUGE.) But after that, am I still going to resign? I can say...not anymore. I have plans for a Smash Bros. War remake, and other stuff. I'm back in the spriting gig.

Well, now that I'm done with my life story, onto the reason why you clicked the link. Here's the official description, then onto the main event.
THIS IS IT! The final act of Civil War is finally here! Will Mario's resistance force Link to overturn the law? Will Link's forces subdue Mario and friends? Find out by clicking the play button! It's the ending to the hit series that's been going on for over a year.


  1. FIRRRRRRSSSTTTTTT (Sorry couldn't resist!)

    Well, definitely one of your best videos if not The best! Music track was 5/5 Stars. Great job on that. The opening fight scene was easily the best part of the video and the series look back was cool.

    Sonic and Shadow looked pretty bad, and I don't buy Ridley ever scaring Link or defeating him. But no video can be downright perfect!

    Civil War will be missed, the series had heart and 2 of your best sprite videos are a part of that series. It may be gone, but now we will have Super Smash War to look forward too.

    I'm not gonna lie Destroyer, Super Smash War has the potential to be your best vid of all time! Non stop fighting with no plot to stop it! That's what I'm talking about.

    You should really consider merging all of the episodes, cutting out previouslys and the end credits of all but the final episode; cutting out the intro of all but the first episode, and turn it into a film. Maybe even add an after the credits scene and call it the uncut movie! This could work

    1. I was really impressed with the fight scene too. It's extremely hard to animate with so many characters, hence why it wasn't longer.

      Yeah, merging the episodes would actually work. It would make a good 30 minute film.

      Smash Bros. War is going to be awesome, but first, the Darkness motion picture.

  2. That was worth the wait!!! You made an eight year girl very happy by including Yoshi!