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~Ephesians 5:16

Friday, June 22, 2012

Quoted, a Truly Big Feat

It was just about four months ago when I was enlisted in joining the site Unleash the Fanboy. A Twitter colleague of mine had seen my past work over at ComicBookMovie, he was the one that told me UTF was looking for new members. Well you gotta make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. I wasn't exactly the busiest person out there, so landing my reviewing skills to a site would be no problem. And who knows what could happen. Like, earlier this year the London Horror Company had sent me a comic (yes, I got a comic sent to me from London for free) to review, because the writer had seen my work on my Spidey comic reviews. So I went on the UTF evaluation trial to see if I would be a capable member.

Two weeks later I was officially 'chief comic reviewer.'

For awhile it was just me handling the comic reviews. (Image Comics to be exact, I get free PDFs. A PDF is a file that could only be read online, so I get to read these bad boys early.) However, things changed about two months later. New reviewers started to show up. This put me in an interesting position. I was now head of the comic reviewing department, a leader of a team. (This is probably the fastest rising of ranks ever.) I will admit that being a 'boss' is pretty awesome. Now, for the main subject...

You know the comic series Artifacts? I had written a review of Issue #17 last month. Issue #18 was recently released, and if you look at the back of the cover...

Yup, that's a quote from my review. How's that for awesome? After being outside for about six hours, to come home and find out this was truly something else. A comic that hundreds will and have read, and my words are right there. So when you see that quote on the back of the comic, know it's from me, your fellow comic reviewer Daniel over at UTF.

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  1. Great Job Destroyer! This is a big feat. Personally I think you may want to buy the issue just to see your quote on the big screen, if not at least you have the pic :)