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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Monster of the Week: Kumonga (Showa)

Kumonga is the giant spider that hails from Sollgel Island. Like Kamacuras, Kumonga was once a little thing before mutating into this giant beast of a monster thanks to a failed government weather experiment. See, after all these years you finally realize that spiders are sinister creatures. If you give them higher intelligence, they become extremely sinister creatures. Kumonga was a feared name in Sollgel Island. Unlike Kamacuras, there was really no way to drive this thing away. Kumonga is one that sleeps a lot in his underground cavern, he only pops up every once in awhile to get some food. Sadly, due to unfortunate events, he was awakened unexpectedly. That's where the later events of Son of Godzilla take place.

It was one fateful day when Minya hatched. Sadly for him, he got beat up a lot that very day when Godzilla wasn't around. When Minya decided to go for an afternoon walk, he happened to run into a Kamacuras. The insect seeing Minya as easy prey quickly went to play around and torture the little guy. While he was backing up in fear, he banged into a few rocks. Those rocks would change everything that day. They fell into Kumonga's valley. They had disturbed the giant spider's sleep. Goro and Riko happened to be in the area, they were witness to the rise of Kumonga. They quickly ran away, but was stopped by Kumonga's unbelievably sticky webs. You see, Kumonga is the biggest spammer of all time. He will constantly use his webs. They are pretty much unbreakable except for one Goro happened to have a match, which burned the webs. Kumonga manged to trap the two into a very thin area. He could barely make them out has he attempted to claw and web them. Thanks to Goro's genius mind, they managed to allude the giant spider by climbing up. They had escaped, but the giant spider wasn't far behind...

Kumonga is one that holds a grudge. He will go after you until the ends of the earth. It wasn't long after that he knew the two had escaped. To everyone's horror, he had followed them to the cave where all the crew was staying and webbed the entrance shut! With his sword like claw, he attempted to grab anyone he could. But, he had then sensed a new prey: Minya. The poor little guy was off again, wandering around when he happened to run into Kumonga. The Son of Godzilla really did try to fight as he begged for mercy while getting webbed to the ground. Kumonga was then going to get his first kill when a Kamacuras showed up. You see, unlike Gimantis over there, Kumonga is a deadly, sadistic creature. Kamacuras is nothing other than a bully. When push comes to shove, they high-tail of there. Quick. This time was no exception. I'm going to say that Kumonga had most likely killed a bunch of Kamacurases in the past. Once this one saw the giant spider, he wanted to get the heck out of there. But Kumonga couldn't have that. As Kamacuras attempted to fly away, Kumonga webbed the preying mantis to the ground. As it tried to fly away pitifully, the webbing kept it down. You can see the horror on the insect's face, he knew he was about to die a painful death. You see that as he made a sound for mercy. But Kumonga is as merciless as they come, just driving his poison stinger into Kamacuras, scaring the living daylights out of Minya. After the demise of Kamacuras, the giant spider turned his attention back to a petrified Minya. The little guy was screaming and calling for his dad. Kumonga is one of the most sadistic monsters ever, he knew that Minya was really scared, he had then taunted him with his stinger, bringing it out and bringing it in. This guy must get a kick out of hearing his opponents beg for mercy. Good thing for Minya was that Godzilla had arrived. Kumonga had not realized it until he was hit in the head with a rock, knocking him over. However, he was quick to get up and started spamming his webbing. The amazing part is that the webbing can actually withstand against an atomic blast. When the two are put against each other, the webbing wins. Godzilla is not one to just give up to webbing, after a good blast of atomic blast to the head, Kumonga re-thought his situation and started to head back. He wasn't prepared for a fight where his opponent could actually fight back, he had never met someone like that. Godzilla on the other hand wasn't going to let Kumonga go anywhere. He followed him and shot a blast of atomic radiation to get the giant spider back at attention. At this point Kumonga knew that this guy wasn't going to leave him alone...until he had killed G of course.

This is where the real battle begins. Kumonga started, you guessed it, spamming his web, which eventually knocked down Godzilla. Minya really tried to help by shooting a blast of atomic radiation at the web, but to no avail. This is where Kumonga started to go after Minya again. This guy just loves torturing really scared souls. Godzilla, even having been tied to the ground shot two blasts of atomic radiation, which downed Kumonga, or so they thought. You see, not only is Kumonga a sadistic monster, he's also an extremely cunning one. He doesn't blindly attack his opponent, he makes plans on the fly. Godzilla had suspected something, but he wasn't expecting his right eye to be stung by Kumonga's stinger. The spider knew his plan would work and quickly flipped himself over to watch the King of Monsters revel in pain. Of course, they both hadn't expected the weather to start snowing. Believe it or not, Kumonga has insane strength. Godzilla had decided it was time to take down the spider by force. However, Kumonga had stood himself up to meet the challenge and tackled G to the ground. Godzilla was trapped with his right eye not working, he was practically defeated. Kumonga was on top of him, reveling in his victory. What he hadn't expected was a powerful blast of atomic radiation from Minya. He was sent flying off G. Of course, he wasn't defeated yet. From afar, he shot his web while G had gotten up and shot his atomic radiation for a web/beam war. Kumonga's web won out, and he presided to finish off a weakened Godzilla. The latter managed to get a good blast in, which halted the spider in his tracks. At this time, Godzilla and Minya combined their atomic blasts, which finally defeated Kumonga. The two then went into hibernation as the cold raged on...

But Kumonga was somehow preserved by the snow and lived peacefully with Godzilla and a bunch of other monsters who came to live on 'Monster Island.' Godzilla and Kumonga had made a pact of some sort, they were no longer enemies. Case in point with the great battle against King Ghidorah when all the monsters were transported to an island dubbed 'Monster Land.' Here Kumonga aided Mothra with his webbing. To this day, the giant spider lives in peace with the other monsters. Kumonga is a great monster. A cunning and sadistic villain, he almost killed Godzilla after all. In the end, Kumonga is also a smart monster. In a world where monsters are hated, it's best to have allies, as he and other monsters live on Monster Land.

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