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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Latest Figure Hauls: TOHO Eiga Godzilla 54, 62, and 64

Alright, so about a week ago I had this Movie Monsters Godzilla 1974 in my watch list. With the $30 I had earned from helping pull weeds for a neighbor, I thought I would get this figure. As the ending of the bid approached, I decided not to get it. Why? Well, I already had a 1975 Godzilla from the Memorial Box, so I didn't really need another version of practically the same thing when $30 could go toward something new. (I'll still get the Movie Monsters version one day, it's one of my favorite suits.) I originally was watching a Y-MSF Kumonga, but when I went over the newly listed section, I ran into this three pack. It featured a Godzilla 1954, 1962, and 1964. All were a pretty great size too, about seven inches each. I've been wanting a G 62 and a 64, so this would be a good chance to get them. I had never heard of the brand 'TOHO Eiga.' I later learned on the TOHO Kingdom forums that it was a non-licensed brand, these figures were made in China. Bootleg Godzilla figures as you would. With that in mind, I asked the seller if he would be interested in a buy it now of $35. (The buy it now was $50.) I was declined, but the next day I saw it was lowered to $40, so my message must have done something. So I bought them. Aside from a mishap with G 54 (more on that soon) a pretty good purchase. First up, the main reason why I bought it, the Godzilla 1962.

All three of these guys are statues, with only the tail being movable. These 'bootlegs' have done a great job capturing the likeness of the looks. G 62 is an amazing figure. The quality is a step above the usual Bandai. After watching King Kong vs. Godzilla again, the suit in that film has grown on me, one of my personal favorites now. This figure captures the very odd-looking head well, and the actual pose is great. I'm also a big fan of the dorsal plates on it. In terms of size, they all are slightly bigger than a Bandai 6 inch, but not quite as big as some of the 8 inch scale ones. I gotta get a Bandai King Kong to go along with this.

Now time for G 64.

This one is unique. The pose is like he's getting attacked, it matches some of the classic shots from the film. I've read that a lot of people like this figure, it's easy to see why. It feels like an X-Plus figure. The teeth are sculpted and not 'painted on' like a lot of the Bandais, good stuff. It's a unique figure, I like it a lot.

Finally, G 54.

You know that mishap I was talking about? Well, this figure came with his head broken off. (Apparently in transit.) Thanks to the saving grace of glue, the figure was saved. So this figure captures the derangeness of the 54 suit really well upon closer inspection. On side-view the head looks fantastic. I like the pose with the hands also, overall this figure is a great likeness to the original Godzilla.

So were these figures worth the $40 purchase? With their bootleg nature, I think they should have cost $10 each. But yes, I'm pretty happy with the purchase, probably the only time I could find a standard size G 62 that's not the old Bandai one. Plus these figures are kinda rare, you don't see these popping up often. So yes, I'm happy with the purchase. Three high quality Godzillas. You can never have too many Godzillas in your collection!


  1. The more G figures the better :O

  2. Destroyer what you got in 2012 were bootlegs of Kaiyoto models all put together and painted.I know i had all those at one time.What you got are pretty good,the bootlegs did not loose to much detail.Maybe only a 1/4 % that's all. Good find been looking for the 1962 one myself. Take care Steve

    1. Oh sorry that's on the Godzilla figures you had gotten.