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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Greatest Pizza Ever

Ah, pizza. America's signature food. Oh wait...Italy invented it. Well, at least America has the cheeseburger.! I have never met anyone who dislikes the dough with Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. You hear it almost every day, "Let's get a slice." But the real question is....what is the best pizza? Everyone you talk to will have a different opinion. Sure, there are people who might say Domino's, or Pizza Hut, or the salty Papa John's. Those are the food chains, but what about the usual pizzeria you see on the street? I've been to a lot of them in my lifetime, some good, some okay, and some bad. (You have to see this place in Manhattan that sells Jumbo slices, it's pretty awful.) Usually when driving it doesn't matter what the name is, if you're hungry and it says pizza, you go in. (However, if a place just simply says 'My Pizza,' I'd be a little suspicious.) By the way, that 'My Pizza' thing in the parentheses wasn't just an analogy, I actually once saw a pizzeria called 'My Pizza.' That is perhaps the lamest title for a pizzeria I have ever seen. 'Ray's Real Pizza, ' now that's a title. (Apparently all the other places are fake.) And this is not a joke, but in Manhattan there's this place called Mario's Pizza. Not really big, right? Well, it actually has Paper Mario as its logo! It's not open yet sadly, so I haven't had the chance to see if the food can match the amazing appearance. But really, there are two pizzerias in the world currently that is the best. If someone I know in person is reading this, chances are they might have been there. But there's a high chance you've never even heard of it. So you see, while you may consider your favorite pizzeria in town to be the best ever, it's not. Because if you're saying that, you obviously haven't been to Denino's.

Denino's was once just a restaurant in Staten Island. (Check out the history at the site.) Me and my family use to go there frequently when we lived in the Island. Unlike most pizzerias, this place was built like a restaurant. It was rather dim inside, (in a good way) waiters, and just had that high quality feel. However, appearances isn't everything. All this fancy stuff could just be a disguise to get us thinking the food is good. That is not the case. Every pizzeria has its own little taste, but ultimately they're all pretty similar. There's this place called Giuseppe's near me where I usually get my pizza. It's good, you know, the definition of the average pizza. And it depends on the day, sometimes it could be really good, or just alright. Denino's never has an 'alright day.' I've been there probably well over 100 times, it never fails to disappoint. Why? Well it's going to be hard to say without you having had one already.

Before I get into that, you know how I mentioned there were two locations? Well, it turns out there is actually one in New Jersey. The ironic part is that me and my family had moved there four years ago, it's like Denino's had followed us. Now we go to that one often, same great pizza. I'm not sure what they do, no other pizza I've had comes even close to matching Denino's brilliance. First off, you know what I hate? Soft pizza. I cannot soft pizza. Denino's always makes it crunchy. Then there's the cheese, oh, the wonderful cheese. You have never tasted cheese like this. It's high quality man, I can't describe it. It takes awhile to cook, but it's worth it. 

Denino's has by far the greatest pizza ever. Look, I've been  to many pizzerias, none of them come close. This is one of those rare food cases where once you leave, you feel like you could go for it again. Even when you heat it up at home it's still great, which is saying something. So if you have a place near you and think it has the greatest pizza ever, you haven't been to Denino's. I could go for some right now actually.


  1. Gah! I almost had to stop reading because this made me hungry! I'm now ordering a pizza tonight. Dominos is probably nowhere near as good, but it'll do the job! Good work!

    1. Haha, thanks. Next up: the Carvel milkshake.

  2. Ah, Jumbo's :) While they may be the best in terms of overall ability (Thanks to the size) The best pizza would have to be.......well for just regular slices VNT! If we're going with toppings then it's a new ballgame. Denino's pizza remeinds me of Strokos pizza. If you like Denino's I recommend Strokos. Of course Denino's real highlight for me was the Buffalo Wings :D