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Sunday, July 15, 2012

GODZILLA Is Moving Forward!

A few weeks ago it was 'announced' thanks to Latino Review that there would would be a surprise Godzilla appearance at Legendary Studios' panel July 14th. After the update that wasn't an update a few months back, we were all ready for this. Now here comes the ironic part, that day (now yesterday) I would be out for the majority of it. My followers on Twitter whom some don't even know what Gojira is would hear about it first. It was exactly 7:13 p.m. when my dad had text me the news that there was a trailer. I was like "Oh my gosh!" I was one excited person coming home that day. When I got there, my e-mail was engulfed with Twitter tweets from some of my followers wondering where I was when all this madness was taking place. Yesterday they showed a teaser for the film, which hasn't been leaked yet, Though strangely, my dad had told me he saw the trailer at his job. I still haven't figured out if that was a video which was leaked, cause later we couldn't find the video. But we did get a teaser description, and a screencap. I won't talk about the first impressions until I actually see the teaser. However, while the video wasn't released, the first official poster was! Isn't it awesome? It's simple, but effective. Now for that screencap.

Look closely, doesn't it remind you of the 2000 design? Just seeing that gets my eyes wide with excitement. GODZILLA is moving forward, which is the best news in a long time. 


  1. The design actually looks a lot like Zilla to me :) This could get very interesting! We'll finally get to see Big G tackle Mecha G for the modern audience!

    1. That's what I thought too when I first saw it, but upon closer inspection, it resembles the 2000 design. I doubt we'll see MechaG in the film.

  2. That's too bad. According to trailer reports Godzilla pwned some other creature, plus in the top right part of the pic you can see the shadow of another monster :o Fans are saying it's either Rodan, Ghidorah, or a made up (gulp) American Monster!

  3. ive long since been a godzilla FANATIC. played every game, seen every movie i could, and honestly i hate feeling like an elitist but the fact that he looks so big and bulky seems like they are going too take godzilla in a cloverfield that i mean no personality and focused completly on the human actors and there stories. the best monster movies ive seen have maybe 30 words in all spoken by the people and 2-3 monsters with a personality that grows on you. even if the movie had a budget of 200 bucks. i just hope they make the movie about godzilla. not a horror movie with him in the background looking mean.