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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Five Review

Many Ultra fans probably have no idea that there's currently an ongoing manga. You can find the chapters at Mangahere, all fans should be reading it. This chapter continues the fight from previously. Shin is now in full Ultraman mode. The Alien has taken down Hayaya, so now it's all up to the main character. Nothing really much is revealed here in this rather short chapter. (It doesn't even crack 25 pages.) The fight continues with the only new thing being Shin using the Spacium Ray, which was pretty exciting.

Hayata is the ground, battered and defeated. Thankfully Shin is doing a solid job fighting the Alien...until the latter whips up some kind of Spirit Bomb straight out of Dragon Ball Z. How can Shin hope to combat that? By unleashing the Spacium Ray of course. As stated a paragraph ago, this chapter was severely short, so this review is going to be one paragraph shorter since nothing really happened. The fight continues, it's pretty entertaining. Who doesn't love a good Spirit Bomb? Obviously the big thing here is that Shin uses the Spacium Ray, which was very cool to see. The art actually isn't as great as the previous chapter, many panels don't look quite finished.

Overall, there's not too much to say about Chapter 5 of the Ultraman manga. It's under 30 pages and nothing important happens other than Shin using the Spacium Ray. Entertaining? Sure, but I expect big things to happen in 6, which I believe ends the first volume.



  1. The manga continues to be pretty explosive with action! This could very well be the greatest Ultraman manga of all time.

    The fight scenes are really hitting it home. I definitely agree that the next chapter will be Big! The fight may end and something shocking may happen.

    I think I would have given it a higher rating, but a 3.5's still in the positive area so it's all good, I'll be looking forward too the next one!

  2. You know...If I fought an enemy who could produce a spirit bomb like attack(Or in this case, a Death Ball), I would be running like hell! xD

    Nothing but pure enjoyable action, gotta love it! Shinjiro following tradition with the specium ray! Badass! They should totally turn this into an anime!