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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Six Review

This is the big chapter for the Ultraman Manga, it's is the end of the first volume. Looking back, it established things pretty interestingly. It started off smoothly, slowly introducing us to the characters and setting, which is in the Original Show's continuity. Shinjiro, which is abbreviated as Shin, put on the Ultraman armor two chapters ago. He's been neither a great protagonist or bad one...he's just there. The last chapter was basically just a continuation of the fight between him and the alien, nothing big happened. This changes here, because not only one shocking thing happens, but another. This is definitely the best chapter yet.

The battle has concluded. Shin is tired, but so is the Alien, whom has lost part of his body. The latter cannot fight, so he retreats, but not without letting Shin know his true identity. (Holy moly!) Shin goes to his father, but passes out. Later in a hospital bed he is greeted by Ito...and a familiar looking thing. This chapter concludes the fight, it's more dialogue based, which is a good thing since not much happened in Five. The Alien's identity is revealed to be...are you ready for this...Bemular. History lesson for non-fans, this guy was the first ever monster Ultraman fought. (Famous for his immobile arms, but that was fixed in Mega Monster Battle.) This came as a huge shock for many reasons. The main one being that if this thing is Bemular, how the heck can he talk? The author succeeds greatly in capturing the reader by surprise, this was a truly shocking (and cool) twist.

The other big thing about this chapter is the arrival of Alien Z-Ton. Another history lesson, Alien Z-Ton appeared in the final episode of the original Ultraman. They are aliens which are famous for summoning the monster Zetton. So this was also pretty shocking, and an amazing plot point. (Is that really Ito? Is he being tricked? Manipulated?) Now this manga is really going with establishing very interesting plot points. The art improves upon the last chapter, there's some really nice detail. The splash page with Z-Ton and Ito was a true highlight. But the true thing of why this chapter shines? It successfully builds suspense with great dialogue and carefully unveils the twists. This chapter was surprisingly only 22 pages, yet it managed to have satisfying content.

Overall, Chapter Six of the Ultraman Manga is a true highlight. Fans really should be checking this out, lots of great stuff. The twists are quite shocking, but aren't forced. The story is taking its time with the plot, giving us information, good action, and big reveals. After this chapter, I am officially hyped to see what comes next.



  1. Ultraman keeps on looking up it would seem! Personally the last chapter may have been the best, but this one was definitely another solid addition to the franchise. Time for volume 2!

  2. A perfect score! Awesome for the Ultraman manga! More surprises will be in store for within this manga. There's some that even I was shocked and speechless about, but I'm sure you'll be experiencing the same feeling.

    Which reminds me,

    Destroyer, which one is better to you? The first volume of the Ultraman Manga? Or the first Volume of the IDW Godzilla On-Going? :D

    1. Hmm...well I do enjoy seeing the Godzilla monsters, but in terms of which is better, the Ultraman Manga has been better paced, better story, and remains faithful to the mythos. (Like not having Ultraman losing to electric nets or a falling building, shame on the Ongoing for that.)

      Of course the Ongoing is good for brand new fans, whereas the Ultra Manga can only be mainly appreciated by longtime fans of the Ultra series, mainly the Original.

      But, the Ultra Manga I feel is better, for the characters are developed far better than Boxer and everyone else in the Ongoing.

    2. Nice! Oh yeah!
      Soo....How do you like Bemular after finding out his identity? I was honestly caught off guard myself when I found out that it was him.

      I was stunned and speechless because I really liked how his character was portrayed as someone stoic, collected, and mysterious yet cold. And he was strong enough to take on two Hayata's full on, and still survive a powerful Specium Ray. Plus! He wasn't killed off! (Normally you don't expect that when it comes to the Ultraman franchise.)

    3. I was caught quite off guard by the identity reveal. I didn't think of Bemular when I first saw him in that episode, so to see him get a new form and just being awesome was something else. I kinda hope he transforms into a more monster-like form later in the series, because right now, while awesome, it's hard to see him as Bemular. But, he's still one of the best characters.