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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Three Review

Three chapters in, the Ultraman manga has yet to establish a status quo, we're still in the prologue stage. It's taking its time with establishing the characters and plot, which is a good thing, as long as we get some pretty big things soon. The first chapter introduced us to the characters and what 20 years after the Original Series is like, the second chapter showed us how Shin would be as the main character, and finally here is when he realizes what the Ultraman gene is. This chapter was pretty exciting, having a great fight and Shin about to become the new Ultraman. It looks like things are coming into place.

It starts out right where Chapter 2 left off, with the intervention of Hayata. Shin is shocked to see his dad wearing an Ultraman armor and about to take on the 'Fake Ultraman.' Shin is taken into safety where Ito pulls off the sheet of armor for Shin to wear. There's plenty of the usual manga type of emotion, such as Hayata talking to his son about him growing up. It's touching, slightly overplayed, but pretty good. This chapter will go down as the one to give us our first official fight. (The bully fight from Chapter 2 doesn't count.) The battle between Hayata and the alien is definitely the highlight. It's very well choreographed, now I'm really looking forward to future battles.

Shin doesn't improve or de-prove as a character. This is him just being shocked about everything he discovers. The next chapter will most likely be him in the new Ultraman armor, so we'll see how he fares. The alien or 'Fake Ultraman' as Shin calls him is making for a pretty cool and mysterious antagonist. Who is he? Why does he think the Ultraman gene is too powerful? The story is really succeeding in building a mystery surrounding this guy. Art wise, it's pretty good throughout. It's definitively improved since Chapter One. The fight is well drawn and I love how deliberately cool the alien is made to look. If this battle is any indication, we're in for a treat with future fights.

Overall, a pretty exciting chapter of Ultraman. The last one was all about Shin and the arrival of the alien, while this one is him realizing the power he has and the fight between Hayata and the antagonist. Things are being set up, we'll see how Shin fares as the new Ultraman in Chapter Four. I also hope to see some kaiju soon.



  1. Awesome-ness! Great review! Glad that it was a improvement over the previous chapter for you. :) Although...Well....There is a Ultraman kaiju. And, at first, you may not believe it, even for yourself. But if you look at certain details. You'll be surprised! The creators of this manga took an interesting creative route. So be prepared!

    Oh, and when you said "Bully Fight", I thought you were taking the "Fake Ultraman" hunting down Shinjiro xD I was like, huh, yeah he is kinda bullying him lol Man...Shin Hayate, while still having the fearsome fighting spirit of Ultraman, he's still sadly out match. Don't die you old hero!

  2. Yeah, this chapter is the beginning of the good stuff it would seem! The battle was definitely pretty intense and I'd say that the Fake Ultraman makes for an intense villain