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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monsuno: Combat Chaos 'Flash' Review

The second season of Monsuno premiered last night. To this day I'm honestly surprised that we actually got another season. It's really hard to find people talking about the show, it's not exactly the most popular thing. But, somehow it was popular enough to warrant a second season, which is pretty cool since there's a lot of potential. The first season introduced the characters, concepts, villains, and how things would go. Overall it was a fun monster battle toon like Pokemon or Digimon, but there were some problems preventing it from being called 'great.' Really generic villains, the writing was average, and it just overall needed a better story. Searching for Jerdey got old quick. So I was looking forward to this season because it would be a fresh start, no more searching for the dad, and a new plot with (hopefully) better villains. Sadly the premiere retains some of the same problems, but the ending does make up for it.

The story is usual Monsuno fare. Interestingly, the show is fully under the impression that you've seen the first season, because it jumps right into the action with the characters. Chase is on a mission from his father to retrieve a device, but before he can get to it a double agent S.T.O.R.M. trooper steals it. I will give the show credit, it can truly surprise. This is one of two plot twists. The second one involves Drezz, Jerdey's 'source.' It turns out he's actually working with a brand new evil group called Forge. It was a pretty good twist, considering the fact of how well he played a crazed lunatic. So these two are the new characters here. While not fantastic, they are serviceable as side-villains. I say side because they're working for someone called Professor Tallis, whom is thankfully not Dr. Klipse. (Though sadly it looks like he will return.) He's basically Cobra Commander, and already a far better antagonist than Klipse. Of course that's not saying much, but he's off to a decent start.

A major plot point of the new season are these core-bombs, which are capable of destroying cities. (So that makes two G.I. Joe inspired things.) Such a powerful scene when it ignited, which literally destroyed a whole city. Already the second season looks to be slightly darker than its predecessor. Naturally there's a new theme song. It trades techno for rock, it doesn't have that 'classic' feeling like the previous one, but still isn't bad. Charlemagne (whom appeared in this episode) and Dr. Klipse are returning, which is disappointing. Now I don't mind Charlemagne too much, but Klipse is by far one of the most generic villains of all time. I hope his role is being canon fodder to Cobra Commander 2. There's quite a few new Monsuno making their debut. The designs never fail to impress. The standout is Drezz's, a three-headed dragon named Ghidorah Afterburn. Interestingly, between seasons the heroes seemed to have picked up some new Monsuno, which is pretty cool. One of the new things established is the use of cyborg Monsuno, which is a great concept. Sadly the fights are rather lackluster, with sometimes the Monsuno literally just standing there and getting hit, truly disappointing for a premiere. Animation is crisp, though the facial expressions aren't that great, virtually no emotion is conveyed. They always react the same to everything. While the majority of the episode is average, the ending is quite amazing, because it features...


This was truly shocking, and by far the most emotional moment of the entire series. Here we have Bren telling Quickforce to make a barrier against the fire. Once that was done he ordered him to return, but Quickforce wouldn't. With a look back at his master, he disintegrates into the fire, but in the process saves everyone. This was truly an amazing moment, the show literally killed off one of the major Monsuno. The look Quickforce gives Bren before being engulfed by the fire was tear-inducing. Now the challenge is staying dead. Quickforce is one of my personal favorites, so I technically wouldn't mind him coming would just destroy such a powerful scene.

Overall, Season 2 of Monsuno opens up with a just above average premiere. If it wasn't for the ending, it would have just been another episode. The city getting blown up followed by Quickforce dying might be the greatest scene in all of the series. I hope as the episodes go it can shock us with more surprising stuff. Surprisingly, the fights aren't that great here, so I hope to see some memorable ones soon...and a much better soundtrack.


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  1. Personally, I probably would have given it a 4. The premiere may not have been the huge climatic, epic battle that we were looking for, but it was a good starter. These monsters definitely have potential and I'm definitely looking forward to some of the fights coming up! I'm sure glad that the series got a second season