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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Twelve Review

The Ultraman Manga keeps getting even more interesting. The previous chapter had the story move with pretty big plot developments. Alien Z-Ton revealed he has deeper plans no one had been aware of, and on top of that Shinjiro confronted a new alien menace. This invader is revealed here to be none other than Alien Baltan, or at least something that looks exactly like him, which puts a whole new spin on things.  Despite that, this chapter takes break from the action and shows us what's up with the cops whom are curious of why the Science Patrol has taken over the investigation. While not an overly exciting chapter, it's still pretty interesting and gets you scythed for the next one.

Officer Endo is a curious man, so curious that he goes to investigate against orders. What he and his partner find is some disturbing stuff, and then they chase an alien down the street. Meanwhile Shinjiro comes crashing down, it looks like Baltan's going to be trouble. It goes without saying that the biggest thing about this chapter is the arrival of Alien Baltan. Technically he appeared in the previous chapter, but here he takes on his more familiar form. What's interesting is that it's not outright stated it's him. In fact, it could very well not be him, but the design is ultra similar. So that in itself is cool. However, the focus is not on the fight, but the officers' investigation. It's an interesting thing when a manga takes a chapter away from the big action to develop another part of the story. I will say that it's pretty unique, it echoes stuff you would see in Ultra7, very down-to-earth. We also have the return of Rena, whom I was rather critical about a few chapters ago. Not much to say about her here, it'll be what she does next time.

I love the choreography here. I particularly like when Shin crashes onto Rena's car. There's a sense of danger and power that the art conveys greatly. Baltan from we see of him looks really good. Moroboshi appears for a page, it's interesting to mention because of his bewilderment of Z-Ton's objective. It's plot points like this that make the story even more engaging for the reader since there's a slight mystery element.

Overall, the Ultraman manga keeps getting more intriguing by the chapter. Plot points are established subtly, and of course we have a classic foe(?) established. The next chapter could be the biggest yet.


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