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Monday, April 15, 2013

Ultraman Manga: Chapter Eleven Review

The Ultraman Manga has passed double digits. The previous chapter was light on the story, it simply was about Shinjiro getting acquainted with being Ultraman. Not bad, but it was time for some plot progression with a villain. This chapter gives us that. The story is interesting, there's a great fight, and the ending will have you very intrigued of what's to come.

Here we have Moroboshi, whom was about to take on the alien threat inside the warehouse. But Shin arrives on the scene. He goes into the warehouse and makes a startling discovery...this alien is feeding off of humans. Time for a big fight that leads up to a revelation about Alien Z-Ton. This chapter is definitely the best one in awhile. The first villain since Bemular is here, and he's pretty intriguing. The design is definitely something out of the original Ultraman or Ultra7, in fact I could have sworn I've seen him before. That's how good it is, it looks so much like something out of the shows that you begin to think it is. Moroboshi comes off as a complete jerk the entire time, even saying "as expected" when he sees the alien escaping. He's an alright character technically, just extremely unlikable and probably would be the least likable if not for his ambiguous name. Shin is slowly becoming a solid protagonist. It started in the previous chapter, now it's coming full force here. I'm actually really liking Shin now, his more righteous persona is a great clash to Moroboshi's arrogance.

Regarding the alien, he's handled very well. If it's one thing mangas are good it, it's making villains cool even if they have a small appearance. This guy's personality is rather different, having a hint being slightly insane. The art captures the battle very well, it's not quite as detailed as the Bemular fight, but still isn't bad. The entertainment factor is still there. The most interesting thing about this chapter is the ending with Z-Ton. Does this guy have hidden motives? It looks that way...but is he actually evil? This will prove to be an interesting plot point in coming chapters.

Overall, a great chapter. This is exactly what the manga needed after a rather light story previously. We have a new alien established, there's a great fight and there's some really good plot progression. The Ultraman manga continues to be a great read all around.


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  1. Well, it's good to see another fight in this chapter. The series is still going strong and hopefully we'll see more of the villain's plans soon