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Monday, January 30, 2012

Battlezone: Destoroyah vs. SpaceGodzilla

Comics, video games, what's missing? Giant monsters, namely from Godzilla. Nothing beats watching a Godzilla fight from one of the films. One thing I would have liked to see more of was other monsters battling each other. We have Mothra who battles King Ghidorah and Gigan, King Ceaser vs. Mechagodzilla, but it's usually Godzilla against someone. So here I'm doing a fan favorite match, two of the strongest characters of the Heisei era: DESTOROYAH and SPACEGODZILLA. This will be different than the rest, cause there is no dialogue. No more time for talking, let's get on with the latest addition of BATTLEZONE!

Destoroyah vs. SpaceGodzilla

THE PLACE: Monster Island. Let's head to the deeper part of the island, where two beasts are locked head-to-head, well, one of them anyway. One of, if not the most powerful monster ever, was breaking apart his latest kill, Kumonga. The over-sized spider had put up a decent fight, but Destoroyah hadn't needed to use even a bit of his strength. Suddenly, the ground shook. Destoroyah threw what was left of Kumonga futher into the island. He sensed some something, something powerful.Then out of the ground near him a giant crystal emerged. Then another one popped out. Destoroyah roared, he sensed a powerful presence approaching.

The ground shook once again. 

In the sky, Destoroyah could see a rather large figure coming. It was levitating slowly to the ground. As it got closer, Destoroyah looked almost shocked. It couldn't be! He sensed an identical DNA pattern of that from his previous foe, Godzilla. There was something different about this one though. It had two large crystals sticking out of his shoulders. On its head it had a strange looking yellow thing, it looked a bit like a crown. Destoroyah sensed great power in the creature, even more so than his old foe.

SpaceGodzilla had arrived.

The Godzilla clone stood a great distance from Destoroyah. SpaceGodzilla wasn't one for long, drawn out fights. He wanted to end this quickly. He lifted his right hand. Destoroyah looked down. He was being lifted off the ground. However, in mere seconds, he was back on the ground. SpaceGodzilla roared in defiance. How could any creature be strong enough to resist his telekinesis? Destoroyah saw that SpaceGodzilla was annoyed and did a roar that sounded like a cackle. SpaceGodzilla knew he wasn't going to win with his special power, so he did the thing a Heisei monster would do: shoot a beam. Destoroyah was caught off guard by how powerful it was. It was similar to the spiral beam Godzilla used against him. Destoroyah also had a pretty power beam, and used it. SpaceGodzilla has high durability, but Destoroyah's micro-oxygen destroyer ray hurt. It stunned SpaceGodzilla, and Destoroyah took this as an opportunity. Despite being a hulking figure, Destoroyah could fly, pretty fast I'd have to add.

He flew toward SpaceGodzilla.

The latter, however, was but stunned for a few moments. He shot a beam at the coming Destoroyah. The latter didn't bother attempting to dodge, he took the beam and collided into SpaceGodzilla. Like sumo wrestlers, they struck the ground slowly. SpaceGodzilla mustered some telekinesis strong enough to throw Destoroyah off. They both stood up, inches apart. They roared, then went at it. SpaceGodzilla hated close range combat, but he had calculated a few different ways taking of Destoroyah by surprise. The latter banged into him. He purposely fell a little aback to get some space between. Suddenly, a large crystal sprung out of the ground to the right of Destoroyah. The monster looked, and then suddenly another crystal sprung out to his left. Beams shot out, stunning a surprised Destoroyah. SpaceGodzilla then shot a spiral blast at the two crystals, creating an explosion. He then struck Destoroyah with a beam, making a huge explosion.

Out of the explosion crawled out three aggregate Destoroyahs. SpaceGodzilla at first didn't know what to make of these things, but then roared with pleasure. He lifted up his right hand. The Destoroyahs were lifted up in the air and suspended. They no longer had the weight of the adult Destoroyah. SpaceGodzilla roared with pleasure again. He had outsmarted his opponent, as he had expected. In his arrogance of roaring with triumph, a sinle aggregate Destoroyah managed to evade his sight from the explosion area. The little thing went to the back of SpaceGodzilla. Its second mouth appeared and dove into SpaceGodzilla's tail. Green blood appeared from the wound. SpaceGodzilla roared in surprise and turned around. The other Destoroyahs were let go and they walked toward Godzilla's clone. The one behind him had climbed up his back. Now the other aggregates were climbing him.

SpaceGodzilla was getting overwhelmed. However, he still had a few tricks.

The crystals sticking out of his shoulders shot beams. It struck the Destoroyahs. SpaceGodzilla then used his telekinesis to hold them in the air. He held them together close, so he could marvel at how pitiful they were to him. He roared, but soon realized his fatal mistake. The aggregates were close enough to merge back into the adult Destoroyah. He hit the ground, creating a small tremor. He then unleashed his deadly x-ray katana. The slashes penetrated SpaceGodzilla's skin. Green blood covered him. Destoroyah then shot a direct hit of his micro-oxygen destroyer ray at SpaceGodzilla's right crystal. It shattered. SpaceGodzilla roared in great annoyance. But then that was stopped when Destoroyah grabbed his jaw. He was attempitng to break it. SpaceGodzilla wasn't going to let that happened. A beam shot out. Destoroyah attempted to move his head, but the blast struck a bit of it. breaking off a few pieces. He had already done his job however. He had a shot a very small blast of micro-oxygen destroyer ray into SpaceGodzilla.

SpaceGodzilla could feel something inside him. He roared once again before blowing up. He turned into motes of energy that drifted up into space. He would reform eventually. But Destoroyah had won this day, and longed for more carnage and destruction.

WINNER: Destoroyah

Yes, I went with Destoroyah on this. These two monsters are very impressive, and rank among the strongest. Godzilla himself wasn't able to beat them without outside help. I think Destoroyah would win, cause I just don't see him going down. Without ice, it'd be pretty much impossible to stop him. It'd be a very close fight.

NEXT WEEK: The Man of Steel battles a Super Saiyan.              

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  1. Yeah, I suppose Destroyah would win this one. Looking foward to the next battle. The Super Saiyan's tough stuff