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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mecha King Ghidorah

Well, this is a surprise. Not too long ago, (in fact, just about two weeks ago) I went all-out and bought myself a Destoroyah figure. I say 'all-out' because I really don't buy anything other than comics. I really never have extra money for other things like a figure, However, I've been selling some old video games, (you will not believe how much some of these oldies go for) which gave me some extra cash. I've been buying batches of comics over at, then it hit me. I am a Godzilla fan, yet I only had two figures. Now I know it's not what you have that defines if you're a fan or not, but I really wouldn't have minded some new figures for this room. So I found a Destoroyah one for a good price. Here's the picture with all my figures. (Minus the title one.)

However, while Destoroyah does look pretty amazing, Mecha King Ghidorah is by far the greatest figure I had ever seen. I saw it on Amazon for $70. Yeah, I wouldn't be getting it anytime soon. I knew one day I would sell enough games to get there, but it wouldn't be right now.....or at least I thought so. When I really want to get something, I go through everywhere to find a solution. Enter Ebay. Sometimes Ebay could be a wonderful place, this is where I found the Mecha King Ghidorah figure for $42. However, it was a bid. It was practically my only chance to get it at such a good price, so I placed a bid. I ended up getting it for $47. You can see the awesomeness below.

My gosh. Mecha King Ghidorah has always been a personal favorite of mine, needed another film appearance. I just love idea of Ghidorah getting revived as a mecha. I love this figure. It's detailed, and looks great with the others. Since buying this one, I'm going to get more in the future, then I will be a true collector. Not to mention how cool it is to walk into a room with a bunch of Godzilla monsters in it. Again, the Bandai 7 inch Mecha King Gidorah is a great figure, I just love it.

Like with Destoryah, I decided to celebrate me getting a Mecha King Ghidorah figure with a tribute. It's a video tribute to the 1991 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

Now, back to the reviews.