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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Justice League #5 Review

When there's a big villain reveal from the last issue, the anticipation for the next one is greater than ever. Especially with a blockbuster series like Justice League. In my past reviews, I've given high praise to the series. I consider it to be the definitive comic book series. A planet shattering story, good characters, and stellar art. Looking deeper into the series, I see that some of the character portrayals are more or less decent. Green Lantern has been nothing besides an idiotic fool, and Wonder Woman is just cardboard. Cyborg is definitely the most fleshed out of the group, since he's been having his own side-plot in the past four issues. Aquaman hasn't done much much, and Superman still hasn't lived up to his name. Batman seems to be the only one aware of the bigger picture. (As seen in this issue.) Besides all this, it has remained a very enjoyable series worth the $3.99 every time. Besides being a tad underwhelming, Issue 5 gives us what Issue 4 promised: A big confrontation.

The story continues with Flash and Superman trying evade Darkseid's Omega Beams. Green Lantern attempts to do some damage, but fails miserably from the power of Darkseid. All is not lost yet however. Naturally, Batman has a plan....

Now this is how the big villain should be done. I'll let you in on a little hint: they are no match for Darkseid, if this issue's any indication. It's good stuff. (Something bad happens to Hal in this issue, gotta say it was a guilty pleasure seeing what Darkseid did to him, pretty intense scene.) However, something was missing from this issue. Maybe it was cause three of the members did little to nothing. Or maybe it's the writing. Now it's getting a bit tiresome. It really isn't all that intelligent, and it makes most of members sound like amateurs. Or maybe it's cause somethings are forced and not fully fleshed out. (The Batman Green Lantern scene felt forced and rushed.)

Superman has some nice pieces of dialogue in this one. Of course he's knocked out pretty fast, it's like he'snot even one of the big guys of the group, let alone have the title 'Superman.' The Flash comes off as alright, just not special. Green Lantern once again is the most annoying character. His portrayal of being of an annoyance doesn't even make sense, it's like he wants to annoy everyone, including the reader. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are the three that do absolutely nothing. Though Wonder Woman's lines had me chuckling. Batman once again is the only real leader figure, showing that even though physically he's the weakest, he's strongest in spirit. Darkseid is pretty powerful, as he should be. Kudos for making him appear to be world-shattering. Though he barely got any lines, I want to see more dialogue with him in the nest issue.

The art is probably the best thing about the issue. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. It really makes the action feel cinematic. Definitely the best art I've ever seen in a comic. Everyone, everything, looks dynamic. It puts the current Avengers series to shame. The cover is pretty nice, showcasing everyone. (Minus Batman and Flash strangely.) Cyborg gets the center stage, holding the American Flag. He himself still doesn't fit well with the League, I think it's cause I'm so used to him being with the Teen Titans.

Overall, Justice League #5 was a bit underwhelming. The writing just isn't that great, when it could be much more smart. Some of the characters are there just to be there filling up the space. They better do something big in the next issue, cause it seems only Hal and Batman are getting fleshed out right now. However, it's still a blockbuster issue with some great action and stellar art.



  1. If they sound like amateurs it is because this is still 5 years ago, and they are amateurs. Superman has only been in the suit about a year, and you know damn well the Batman of today would not have revealed himself to Green Lantern like that. I do agree that Green Lantern does come off as a jerk, but again, at this point he only recently received the most powerful weapon in the Universe. How would you act? I agree that Darkseid was impressive. No big speeches, just showin up and taking over. i am excited to see what Bruce does now that he is on Apokolips.

  2. I would act calmly, but that's just me. The whole Batman Green Lantern scene just felt put in for shock. They might all be amateurs right now, but it seems the majority of them is lacking the awareness of the 'bigger picture.'