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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battlezone: Mario vs. Sonic

Taking a break from the comic side of things to do a classic video game match. Mario and Sonic are the faces of video games. That is not arguable, it's true. If only MegaMan was back in his prime could he be counted. Anyways, Mario and Sonic has been the subject of fan debate for quite sometime. Spawning numerous videos and stuff like that. As everyone knows, they have a 'crossover' series over at the Olympic Games. Really, if Nintendo and Sega could unite for a sports-themed series, they could do a real crossover. I'll use this spare paragraoh to clarify the rules for Battlezone. I do not count power-ups, so you won't see Spidey breaking out the Symbiote suit or Mephiles transforming into Solaris. However, things like Goku's Super Saiyan counts, or if the super forms created by an item is used on on equal terms. (Which you'll see in this fight.) Back on target, I'm here to add my say of what would happen if these two mascots fought, so let's get started on the second addition of BATTLEZONE!

Mario vs. Sonic

THE PLACE: The Mushroom Kingdom. It was a bright sunny day like always. Even the clouds were smiling. And they had good reason to, cause on the ground a familiar figure was jumping down the ground toward the Mushroom Castle. The figure had a red cap with an 'M' on the front. He was known as Super Mario in those parts. 'Super,' because while he appears to just be a plumber, he battles monsters and has traveled into space. If you had to describe him with one term, it would be 'hero.' As he made his way through World 1-1, a blur of blue zoomed past him. He stopped jumping and turned around. The blue blur was returning. It stopped a few inches in front of Mario. This blue blur was a hedgehog known as Sonic. He was a legend from the planet he hailed from, Mobius. He always referred to himself as 'way past cool.' He was always upbeat and ready for a challenge.

"Hey, are you Mario?" He asked.

Mario nodded.

"Cool. I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. I've heard a lot about you Mario, I gotta say it's truly an honor."

Mario got into his battle stance and said his trademark quote.

"Let's a go."

Sonic got ready.

"Heh, straight to business. I like that."

Sonic zoomed and hit Mario. Then he zoomed again and struck him from behind. Mario had known about Sonic's unbelievable speed, but was unprepared for this. Sonic kept running and striking Mario with his Spin Dash.

"Heh, this won't so hard, I have this in the bag." He thought.

However, Mario was but unprepared for a few moments. In all his years of fighting, he had noticed one thing all his opponents had: a certain predictably to their attacks. Sonic spun around for another strike. This time Mario was ready. He pulled back and unleashed a right uppercut. It struck a surprised Sonic. Sonic regained his stance then smirked.

"Heh, this might be a challenge after all."

Sonic ran in and threw a punch. While he was quick, Mario had always been more of a balanced fighter. He evaded the punch and landed one of his own. Then he did a double kick which sent Sonic to the ground. He got up quickly, then charged up for his signature Spin Dash. Mario shouted "Whoa!" as Sonic zoomed in. A fully charged Spin Dash cannot be stopped. He struck Mario full force. They went zooming across the Kingdom until they banged a castle wall. Sonic jumped to the ground while Mario fell on it. The ladder was stunned by the Spin Dash. He got up dazzlingly, Sonic took this moment and gave Mario a good knuckle sandwich. Sonic then sent him flying behind him with somersault kick. Mario went flying to the ground. Before he struck it, however, he had hit a block with a ? engraved. A Power Star popped out. It went to the ground near Mario. He had the head-start, but Sonic's speed might just beat him to the punch. They eyed each other and the Star.

Then they ran.

Something in the history of the Nintendo universe that had never occurred happened: both characters touched the Power Star at the same time. They both glowed with power, raw, unbelievable power. The ground shook beneath them as they unveiled there invincible forms.

"Alright!" Super Sonic shouted.

Then they went at it, a true clash of the titans. They punched, kicked, and slammed each other. They were evenly matched, the blows were not affecting each other in the slightest. Super Mario landed a good punch while Super Sonic landed a fine kick. Then it happened, they turned back to normal ten seconds after they had went super. All the blows they had landed were now taking effect. They were exhausted. However, none would be retreating. They were going to finish it. Sonic smirked, Mario glared. They pulled back their fists.

They punched each other square in the jaw.

Nothing happened for a few moments, then Sonic fell to the ground, unconscious. Mario jumped into his winning stance, then panted, for he was exhausted. He wasn't even sure that he could make it to the Castle. But of course he did, cause Mario is a hero who always does what needs to be done.


Yes, I went with Mario on this. I will say that this fight is more debatable than Spider-Man vs. Batman. Sonic is the fastest thing alive of course, but Mario is more of a fighter. You can see it in his Brawl stance, he's a more balanced fighter. Sonic knows how to fight of course, but I can see Mario pulling through. All around beats speed.  

NEXT WEEK: The Most Devastating Monster of All Time battles The God of Destruction. 


  1. Heh heh well....Mario's a tough fighter, but he can't take on Sonic. Mario's an all around fighter, but even if he has a vague idea of what Sonic will do next, that doesn't mean he can stop it. Sonic moves at the speed of sound, and even if Mario is able to dodge his punch, the air pressure would knock him off balance (Minimum, at most it could knock him through the air) so he couldn't counter attack that fast.

    Also Mario has noticed that all enemies are predictable....because all of His enemies are predictable. Of there's one thing Sonic is (Aside from speed) it's not predictable. Sonic has showed this time and time again

    Even if Mario was a bit closer to the star there are two reasons why Mario couldn't tie Sonic.

    1. You said Mario hit the ground. Just the fact that he would have to get up means that he would lose some speed (Unless the mushroom was floating in his direction, but even that is close at best)

    2 With Sonic's speed it doesn't matter what kind of head start Mario got.

    Also All Around is better than speed in some cases, but not in this one. If Sonic knew no hand to hand skills and was a sloppy fighter than Mario would have the edge, but since Sonic Is a smart fighter and knows hand to hand Mario's all around skills wouldn't help much.

    Sonic also has the same defense as Mario (Or more) He's taken hits from impressive fighters (Black Doom, Shadow, Silver) and stayed concious. While Mario's never taken a big hit from someone like that

    I wouldn't say that Mario is more of a fighter. Sonic has nearly as much experience as Mario and has fought all kinds of enemies. His enemies are actually more varied than Mario's so he knows how to handle himself better in the field.

    I could go on (Super Mario couldn't touch Super Sonic) but that would be overdoing it for one post.

    Of course don't think that this was a negative fight for me. It was a great fight and I'm glad you're doing fights. I'll be waiting for the next one. :)

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  2. 1. They didn't start running for it right away. They both did a stare-down, which gave Mario time to recover.

    2. Think about this for a minute. Mario banged the ? block. Therefore, the Star was mere inches in front. Mario just had to take a few steps. If it was any further, Sonic would have had it. And Mario's no slowpoke, despite what people might think. He moves a lot faster than an average person, he can run up walls.

    I'd also like to add that Mario is physically stronger, he can lift whole fortresses as seen in Super Mario World.

    Keep in mind that this is Sonic powered by the Power Star, not the Chaos Emeralds, so their power level were upped evenly.

    Um, which Stanley?