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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Greetings all. Normally I don't write about what's up with me, the last time I did was my Irene post last year. After all, the title of this blog is 'Destroyer's Editorials and Reviews.' But I'll take a short break to talk about my latest addition to my collections: a Destoroyah figure. Normally I wouldn't talk about me getting something new as a blog post, but I thought this would be a fun little entry, plus it's Godzilla related.

I was maybe seven when I walked into the now deceased KB Toys at the Staten Island Mall. I was into action figures, plastic swords, and all that good stuff at that age. I believe it was my mom who called me over to the back section of the small store. When I got there I was face to face with a bunch of Godzilla Bandai figures, $9.99 each. I had always liked Godzilla, but I never owned any figures. I saw the Godzilla 54 one, and I grabbed it. I believe my mom said something like how I should get someone more unique looking and found a Gigan one. I don't remember if I was a big fan of Gigan as I am now, but I ended up getting both. I don't remember if they had Ghidorah or Rodan, but I know they had Rainbow Mothra. After that, I never got another one. For some reason, I was more interested in getting plastic swords and lightsabers than those figures, probably because they weren't meant to play around with that much, and I wanted them to move around. Of course, this was back when I didn't appreciate the term 'collection.'

Fast forward many years later, and I begin to see the error of my ways. Today, good luck trying to find any Godzilla figure in stores. Today, they have become something of a collector's item. If I could rewind time, I would have bought more of those instead of a lightsaber which broke down two years later. It's pretty much impossible to find any for $9.99. Over the past two years I've gained a better appreciation for the franchise, even more so than when I first started watching the films. As a fan, I wanted to get more figures, but the prices were against me. (The Mecha King Ghidorah I've been dying to get is $65.) I put it to the side, but the thought of getting a new Godzilla figure was always on the back of my mind. Recently I've been selling some of my old video games to buy batches of comics over at, it  occurred to me what else I've been wanting could I get with the extra money from the sold games? So it hit me I could get a Godzilla figure to add to my collection of two so it could make three. Obviously I couldn't afford the Mecha King Ghidorah one, so what next? I thought about getting the Final Wars Gigan one, but I already had a Gigan, I needed something new. What to get that would look really nice next to my other two about my second favorite kaiju?


On Amazon, I found the Bandai Destoroyah one for $30. That was disappointing. However, one rule of the internet is to always check the other place if Amazon fails, Ebay. After some searching, I found the same one from Amazon for, get this, $20. In pretty awesome condition. I placed the order Sunday night, and I got it today. It truly felt good to hold the high quality figure, then placing it next to my Godzilla and Gigan was gold. So after about eight years or more, I had finally gotten a new Godzilla figure. The Bandai 7 inch Destoroyah figure is truly awesome, it feels good to own it.

Yes, that's my nice little collection.

I don't buy action figures anymore, just the Godzilla statue figurines. Usually I don't go spending on stuff besides the weekly comics, but I made an exception for the Destoroyah figure. Isn't it a wonderful looking thing? Godzilla figures today are hard to find for a good price, and I probably won't buy another anytime soon, but I'm content with the stuff in that picture. I will get that Mecha King Ghidorah one, someday.

Since getting the Destoroyah figure, I decided that a celebration was in order. What better way than to make a video tribute to his debut film? Here we go.

Thanks for reading!

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