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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Detective Comics #4 Review

Well, this is the end of the first arc. It's been an amazing ride so far, one of the best series I'm currently reading. Dark? Check. Gritty? Check. Mystery? Check. Batman doing what he does best? Check. Definitely an all-star series, great for new and old fans alike. For those that grew up with the 90's series, you'll feel right at home with this book. Anyways, I've been giving high praise to this book, the lowest score I've given it was an 8, back in Issue 2. So, the trend must continue with a positive score for this issue, right? Of course.

The story continues with Batman battling a bunch of Joker fakes from the last issue. Eventually, Doll Maker is offered a deal for Batman alive. Where is this deal coming from? A certain crime lord with a bird for a name. Can Batman make it out? Get ready for an explosive finale.

The thing that makes this series great is the thinking boxes with Batman. I always find it very interesting to see what's going on his mind as be battles the scum of Gotham City. Reminds me of the late 90's Spidey Howard Mackie run. Batman is a very interesting character, and this series has been taking everything interesting about him and putting it on every page. Tony S. Daniel knows how to make a gritty, but intriguing story. It's fast paced, but at the same time, still a detective story, amazing.

Alright, I have to say this. I don't find Doll Maker interesting at all. I just don't find him threatening, or particularly engaging. Heck, Professor Pyg from the 2007 Batman and Robin series was more interesting. Since the start, the main thing I wanted to see resolved was the Joker plot, not this guy. I liked how they introduced Penguin without showing him, it was very, very good how that happened. Olivia comes off as rather generic, will she have a bigger role later? It's hard to tell. Commissioner Gordon didn't have much of a role in this issue surprisingly.

The art has always been top-notch. It's fits the grim tone well, especially in the scene where Batman is interrogating the messenger. Everyone looks great, it's just hard to complain when Marvel's Avengers art is so inferior. It's just dark and moody. Impressive cover, so far all the covers have been very good. And wow, that final page is so iconic, it really gives the reader a bit of a shiver. Though is it me, or does the Bruce Wayne scenes seem out of place? They seem to be there just to fill the space.

Overall, an excellent issue and a fine closure to the first arc. This book has succeeded in being a definitive Batman series. I have a feeling it will only get better. DC has done it, go check out Detective Comics if you haven't already.



  1. I totally agree about Doll maker. The first issue was all about the Joker and then nothing. The Bruce Wayne scenes did come across as anticlimactic. There will be more involving Joker's Face in the future. has an article up about SUICIDE SQUAD #7, where it looks like Harley get's the face.

  2. Hmm, that's interesting, I'll go look up the article.

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