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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 Review

Super Android 13 is a stereotypical DBZ film. It features the fastest fights you'll ever see, unbelievably powerful characters, trash talking, comic relief, and a character who borrows power from mother nature. Some stand on top of the norm, such as Cooler's Revenge, and some, like this film, tend to be nothing special. Super Android 13 does feature some unique concepts, and the villain gets a pretty cool super form, but the film suffers from the flaws of Return of Cooler.

The story follows Dr. Gero,well, a computer built to think like him that is. Unknown to the world, a powerful android has been in stasis, not any more. In the city, Goku and friends are out shopping and having lunch when two mysterious figures appear. They are revealed to be Androids 14 and 15, and when 13 arrives, things get crazy.

This film was slightly different from the ones I've seen. We actually get to see Goku shopping and eating out. It's easy to forget that this powerful character lives an ordinary life. So that was interesting and fun. I also liked how the first fight took place in the city, they usually take place over empty lands. One of the main flaws, like with Return of Cooler, is that is doesn't feel like a film, it felt like a two-part special. It's just lacking a dramatic atmosphere that Cooler's Revenge had. The fights are even less fluid than Return of Cooler, and again, the soundtrack pales to Revenge's.

Android 13 is definitely more of a 'different' villain for the films. Like the other androids, his only goal is to destroy Goku. I like how he openly says that, it makes the generic goal bearable. His southern accent may get annoying after awhile, but it's unique for this film. And I gotta say, I really like his super form. Perfect climatic battle with the heroes and him. I mean, the dramatic atmosphere went up a notch when the Super Saiyans were doing NOTHING against him. Good stuff. It was also great to see Trunks. I am a fan, (future version anyway) so I was glad to see him in action, even if he gets beat up the whole time. Goku is great, (like always) and Vegeta makes this film more fun. It's great to see the three of them together. Sadly, the other characters are even more useless than in Return of Cooler. Both Gohan and Krillin were there just for comic relief. It's sad.

The soundtrack is good as always, but just pales, *PALES* to Revenge's. I don't get it. That film had an amazing soundtrack, the others I've seen, while good, don't even come close. Gotta say I'm liking Piccolo's cool appearances in these films. While the dialogue is often cringe worthy between Goku and friends, the dialogue between him and #13 is great. Also, Androids 14 and 15 are surprisingly pretty good. They aren't total one shot minions of the main villain like in other DBZ films. Their intro near the beginning was both cool and amusing. Good stuff.

Overall, Super Android 13 is nothing special. It suffers from the same flaws as Return of Cooler, but still isn't bad. The fights were disappointing, but some of them, namely #13's super form against Goku, was spectacular. The other side-characters are sadly more useless than ever, especially Krillin, who is the object of comic relief in this film. The final act of the film is truly epic however, showcasing #13's super form as an invincible threat. Gotta say, the impending doom level went up when he transformed, and the film did a great job showcasing it.


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