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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Godzilla: Legends #2 Review

Godzilla: Legends is a mini-series that Godzilla fans like myself have dreamed for. We get to see monsters that have never battled fight, and solo stories with different monsters. The previous issue was probably the most fun comic I've read all year. It wasn't a deep story, featured generic summer blockbuster characters, but it delivered a fun and entertaining tale with the two monsters. That's all we can really ask for. Me being a big fan of Rodan, I've been anticipating this issue for awhile. Based on the description, it seemed to be going the opposite route from the previous issue. It appeared that it was going to have a deeper story. It does, but is that a good thing in this case? Nope. (Skip to the last paragraph if you've yet to read it, there will be spoilers.)

The story follows Dr Holder, who has gained possession of a Rodan egg. The flying monster is aware of this, and continues to attack Okinawa every year in hopes of retrieving the egg. One day, the Japanese and US governments deem the egg too dangerous and takes it away from Dr. Holder into a chamber for eradication. The Doctor's son has a plan, and together, they go to get the egg out. Rodan can't be far behind.....

Dull. That's the word that describes this issue. Legends #1 is no masterpiece, but it was a comic you could pick up and enjoy. This comic focuses on characters who are just dull and hard to care for. Especially the son, we're supposed to care for him, but it's just impossible. He's not realistic, just horribly written. Seriously, the issue ends with him hopping on Rodan who is flying back to Monster Island. (Not sure if he's heading there, just assuming.) What kind of a thing is that? And Doctor Holder, he comes off as mentally insane. None of their actions make much sense.

The good thing about this issue is Rodan's appearances. There are some really awe-inspiring splash pages with him. The issue DOES have a bit of good drama. The scene where he picks up the baby Rodan with his beak is heartwarming. The destruction is captivating,and the story moves at a good pace. It's just the actual story that isn't good. To be fair, the concept is good, it's just the unbearable characters who ruin it. If the writer could have squeezed in a monster fight, it would have been better.

The art is pretty good. Rodan actually looks like Rodan, whereas in Kingdom of Monsters, he looks like a brown Gyaos. The covers are both impressive. Cover A by Arthur Adams, featuring a Showa-style Rodan stomping over some buildings is very good and has a retro feel. Cover B by Chris Scalf, featuring a Heisei-style Rodan flying toward us beak opened is also a very good piece.

Overall, I want to like this issue, but just can't. It isn't awful, but was really disappointing. Rodan has some very nice splash pages, but it can't save the issue from the mediocre characters. This issue is an example of what not to do for this series, it needs to be more monster-focused with the entertainment value from Legends #1.


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