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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Music Legend: The Beatles

I usually don't write about music, but someone wanted me to, so here we are. Don't expect this to be a documentary or an editorial about the band, it's more of general outlook at music using them. Of course, music isn't one of my strongest points, so we'll see how this goes. Anyways, if you asked me last year what my favorite song was, I would say World 1-1.

Yes, technically that isn't a 'song' since it doesn't have lyrics, but that's what I would pick if you asked me. I have never liked lyrical music. I never thought of what the lyrics were saying, I just liked orchestrated and instrumental things. Then late last year I got Rock Band: the Beatles. I had heard of the band before that, but I really knew practically nothing about them or their songs. When I first played the game, (I always do the drums by the way) something clicked while I was playing. These songs weren't that bad, in fact, they were pretty good. The very first song that was played, Yellow Submarine, was basically a warm-up to the other songs after. My personal favorites would be Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Hello Goodbye, and of course, Yellow Submarine.

After some days of playing it, I gained an appreciation for (some) lyrical music. I went and started searching up songs I've known in the past. Mainly Crush 40 stuff, like What I'm Made of. I grew up with these songs thanks to the Sonic games, and when I started listening to them again for the first time in years, I gained a great appreciation for them. After playing the Beatles, I started to like music with lyrics. After playing all the Beatles songs, I decided to get Rock Band 3 to see other songs, both classic and modern. When I played Rock Band 3, the songs didn't quite click like the Beatles did. I don't know, most all of them we're lacking something. Sure, a few stood out. 'Cold as Ice' by Foreigner, 'Foolin' by Def Leppard were two of the best, also 'Misery Business' by Paramore was very catchy, but the rest were just lacking something. They made me want to go back to the Beatles. The majority of these songs are more modern than the Beatles, I think that's the case.

When it comes to lyrical music, I mainly like classic rock. (The Beatles, Foreigner, Def Leppard.) Crush 40 of course has my personal favorite music, I like SUM 41 and also don't mind Evanescence. But a lot of modern music when compared to the Beatles, are just pale in comparison. The Beatles lyrics have a feel-good quality to them, you just pop it in and enjoy the simple, yet heartfelt lyrics. Today's music I've noticed has left out the simple, heartfelt feel. Like with movies and TV shows, music has evolved with the times. While the Beatles were simply singing about holding one's hand or sad about someone getting a ticket to ride, today's music tends to be more graphic. The Beatles were simple and effective, today's music will have the singer screaming words at you.

The Beatles had an unbelievably short career. Even though it was sadly short-lived, they had made their mark as with the greatest classic rock music. I'm sure people people would argue that, but I think it's true, considering they are the best selling band of all time according to the Wiki. The point is, the Beatles represent classic rock, or heck, music of yesterday. We look at our current music, in twenty years from now, what will represent the 20 first century? Beyonce, Lady Gaga? (Personally, I would go with Crush 40, but no one would agree with me.) You look at those singers, do they match up to the Beatles? No, not even close. The Beatles will always remain a legend among the music world, will any band/singer truly surpass them? Are this generation's music going to go down in famous way that we want it, will music continue to go down the more graphic route than the way of the Beatles? Maybe, but the point is that for real, good music, the Beatles and other classic rock bands/singers are the way to do it. They, a band from over thirty years ago, got me into lyrical music. Modern music in general doesn't have the touch the Beatles had, and I doubt it ever will.

Well, I hope this came out alright, thanks for reading!

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