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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retro Review: The Mighty Thor #385

We read comics mainly for their interesting, world destructive, and sometimes strange stories. The other reason is for the fights, the battles between these many characters. I've noticed that today in comics the fights have been, well, short. Fights barely last over a few pages these days, the last good one I read was Venom vs. Cap in Venom #9. It was a good, detailed fight, but was extremely short. I can't even remember the last good one-on-one fight in Amazing Spider-Man. It's sad. The fight in this issue I gotta say is the definition of a 'battle' in comics. Blows are felt, it's of epic proportions. This is definitely the greatest fight I've ever read in a comic.

In terms of story, there isn't really any. It's a complete filler issue, but that's okay. We're here for the fight on the cover. Putting two popular characters fighting on the cover is a marketing strategy. Sometimes the fight itself doesn't last more than four pages, it's pure marketing sometimes. This issue, however, provides exactly what's on the cover: Thor vs. Hulk. These two are some of Marvel's biggest rivals, it's been debated by fans who would win for years. They've had a lot of great confrontations in the past, I've chosen this issue. The cover is pretty iconic, it stood out while browsing for issues. Very classic poses, the simple white background was perfect. It gives the two characters more of a focus.

Remember the animated film Hulk vs. Thor where Hulk completely beat Thor to a pulp? Yeah, Thor fans are still sad over it. That's not how it would go down, this issue is how it would be. You can never tell who's going to win, it looks like Hulk has the upper hand, then Thor makes a comeback. Evenly matched, with such detailed blows. I'm not going to pretend this comic is deep or anything, cause it's not. It's a battle, it's not world-changing or a status quo update, it's just a darn fun comic. It's also interesting cause Hulk at this time was apparently was separated from Bruce Banner. So he's back to being a cold beast, but not mindless. He actually takes a hostage and tells Thor to fight without his hammer. Wow. I especially liked the beginning where Hulk runs into a family and they're like "Don't! Please! we--we've done nothing to you!" Then Hulk replies "Hulk needs no excuse!" A great scene is when Hulk seemingly wins by smashing Thor with a train. Then Thor's arm emerges and punches him. Good stuff.

The dialogue between the two titans is just great. (The script was done by Stan Lee after all.) Trash talking the whole time, it really makes the battle more fun. (It just adds to the scope.) It was great seeing Thor fight WITHOUT his hammer for a bit. At first, it seemed like Hulk was going to win, but Thor kept coming through with his strength. Thor may not be as powerful without Mjolnir, but he's still the Thunder God, he could still fight well without it. So many great attacks from both characters, there's this great scene where Hulk emerges from a fire looking like he merged with the Human Torch. And what's with the beginning where a robber thinks he can beat Thor with a gun? Strange, very strange.

Overall, The Mighty Thor #385 is a simple issue. But whoever said simple can't be epic? This comic has one of the most epic battles in comic book history. The whole issue is a fight between titans. You want a REAL Hulk vs. Thor? This issue has it. The fight is detailed and 'awesome.' The only thing I didn't like was the ending. As you probably guessed, there is no winner. It's not a total cop-out, but it would have been nice for a victor. It doesn't ruin the comic however. If you're looking for a real comic book fight, this is what to get. If only today's comics could be almost as epic in the fights department.


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