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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Alright, here we go. The thing you are about to read is a story I've written for the Legendary Studios Godzilla reboot. Over the past couple of weeks this idea hit me. I've made King Ghidorah the villain, cause he's the one American audiences are familiar with the most. This Godzilla is not a hero, nor is he a villain like in GMK, a little more toward the ladder, but mostly like his Heisei incarnation. This is not an origin story, rather more akin to Godzilla 2000 Millennuim. I'd say it's mixture of Godzilla 2000, the 98 film, (in that it takes place in New York) and Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. Rather than write out the fight between the two monsters, I decided to make an animated video for it. Now, onto the reading.


It opens up in space, a shot of Venus. The camera slowly zooms into the planet's surface. Beings identical to Earth's humans, except they have a third arm, run rampant. Buildings on fire, the beings are screaming as they run wherever they could. Chaos. A mother and child attempt to take cover behind a destroyed building while the beings shout things in their native tongues. The woman holds her child close as a noise from above is heard. A large shadow passes over the entire colony. Lightning bolts strike as the shadow passes. They strike all over the colony. Buildings explode, the beings are dying. The mother closes her and her child's eyes as she stands by the destroyed building. After the dying screams of the people stopped, she looked upon the destruction. Everything was destroyed, the colony, the people, everything, She and her child were the sole survivors. Holding the baby, she ventured out. It was dead silent. Until she heard a noise behind her. She turned around slowly. Something was hovering above her. She knew it was death. The thing roared. She muttered something before the thing crushed her and her child where they stood. The sole survivor of the colony was dead.

Venus was destroyed.

The thing roared and looked back at the deceased planet as it flew away. It turned it's attention to the nearest planet, earth.

Prologue ends, opening credits begin.


It opens abruptly, camera zoomed in on the sand of Manhatten Beach, Brooklyn. The focus is a giant footprint engraved in the sand. Police officers make up most of the scene, with two agents from Washington D.C. in the footprint. Being from the same unit, they looked indentical, black suits, a tie, and pitch-black sunglasses. The only thing that seperated them was the color of their hair, one had blond, the other black. The one with black hair spoke first.

"Are you done looking it over Malcom?"

The other one, Malcom, answered.

"I've gone over it a hundred times since we arrived, I've found nothing new since we started."

"Cover it up, we cannot let the public see it and get crazy ideas. This is obviously some sort of big prank, it wouldn't be too hard to accomplish." The blond one, Joe, said.

It was midnight, pitch-black, the beach was closed off to the public. After Joe gave a signal, the officers started filling the footprint with sand. He and Malcom started to walk away from the scene toward their black vehicles. Being with the ladder for over ten years in service, Joe knew when his partner was deep in thought.

"What are you thinking about?"

"That footprint is similar of that from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, the largest creature that roamed the earth was the Spinosaurus, and that footprint was over five times bigger."

"Someone must have a lot of time on their hands. Either way, cameras will be installed within the week."

They arrive at their vehicles, black Pontiacs, and drove away toward their homes.


That same night, a boat travels the Upper New York Bay. The Staten Island Ferry is en route to Manhattan, carrying over five hundred sleepy passengers. That sleepiness is destroyed when the boat is shaken. The alerted passangers are calmed when the captain's voice is heard over the intercom saying, "It was just a large wave, there is no need for panic, thank you." The passengers relax, but the boat is rocked again more violently. People fall to the ground, a baby cries, and then silence. A loud noise is then heard, and the people rush to the windows. Some stand in shock while others run as a long object strikes the side of the boat. People go flying as glass breaks. The ferry tips over onto its other side. The noise is heard again, and the passengers see a blast of something blue coming toward them. It blasts right through the boat, disintegrating anyone remotely close. The boat then explodes and the noise is heard again.


Malcom arrived at address 387, his home. While he was paid hansomely from his job, he never bought a mansion, rather a medium size house in downtown Brooklyn. It was 5 p.m. when he knocked on the door. His lovely Latin wife, Selena, greeted him and let him in. As they walked down the hall, Malcom, despite the rule of not telling bystanders, told her about the footprint and everything. He always told her everything, despite protocol. The living room was the largest room in the house, Malcom sat on the recliner as a pair of footsteps walked down the stairs to the living room. His 16 year old son, Dan entered.

"Welcome back Dad, how long are you staying for?"

"About four days, then I head back to D.C. on Wednesday. What have you been up to son?"

"I was just watching an old monster movie about a giant moth."

"The original, or the 90's remake?"

"The original."

"Ah, yes. I saw that in the theater when I was about your age. Wait, Selena, up the volume on the TV."

Selena put the volume on the remote. The reporter from News12 was talking about something that had happened in the Upper New York Bay.

"And police are having no word other than that a Staten Island ferry en route to Manhattan was destroyed by an unknown object or force. As you can see, thanks to our helicopter, the ferry is still burning from an explosion. There are no reports of any survivors of the 525 passangers, wait, we are getting a report that one man has been found. His injuries are severe and it is not yet known if he will make it out alive. He is currently being rushed to the nearest hospital. We will have more updates as this story develops. Mary Shackle, News12."

Malcom turned off the TV and rushed to the phone in the kitchen.

"What are you doing Mal?" Selena asked.

"I'm sorry hon, but I have to check this out, I'm calling Joe. A ferry just doesn't explode in the middle of the ocean, we have to talk to the survivor, something isn't right." Malcom said from the kitchen.

There was silence in the living room as Malcom talked to Joe about the situation. After about five minutes, he was on his way to the door. Before leaving, he said, "I'll be back, I promise." He shut the door behind him.


The local Brooklyn hospital was always crazy, but more so right now. Reporters and photographers were there, attempting to get acess to the patient. No one was allowed, unless of course you were a governemt agent. Both Malcom and Joe cleared the way thanks to their badges. They walked in the room housing the patient and shut the door. It was a small room, all white with one large window. The patient lay in bed all bandaged up, his dark brown eyes was the only thing that wasn't bandaged. A doctor entered the room from a side door.

"Will he make it?" Joe asked.

The doctor sighed and looked at the patient's vital signs.

"His burns are too deep. In fact, they aren't even burns, it's atomic radiation, and it has poisoned his system. He probably won't live the hour." He said.

"We'd like a few words with him regarding the incident, if you could step out for a few minutes." Joe said.

"Of course."

The doctor left and the agents faced the survivor.

"Mr. John Wright, I am Agent Joe and this is Agent Malcom. We know that you cannot talk very well right now, but we have a few questions that you need to answer. First, what exactly did you see? What made the boat tip over, explode, and sink?"

John coughed and started to talk, albeit with a raspy voice.

"I saw it! I saw the whole thing! It was huge! I stared directly into its eyes in the water. It had scales on its back, and it was the tail that knocked over the boat. I saw the scales glow, and it shot something right through it! And it's noise, my word, it was ear-piercing. That thing was death, I stared death directly in the eyes. It-"

He stopped talking and eyes slowly closed. Joe looked at his vital signs.

He was dead.

Joe and Malcom exited the room and brushed aside all of the press. They walked outside in the cool November air to their cars. Malcom was the first to speak.

"I think it's a bit of a coincidence."

"You actually think that prank is linked to this event? It's largely possible that Mr. Wright sabatoged the boat with some sort of radioactive bomb."

"Yes, that could be it, or one of the other passengers. But that story he told...."

"You saw him, he was delusional."

"Maybe. I think we should pay a visit to Old Man Johnson."

"Why? That old kook is a bit delusional himself with all those books of legends."

"I think we should tell him about the thing Mr. Wright claimed that he saw. You're probably right that there's no connection, but I think it's worth a look into."

Joe sighed.

"Alright Mal. We'll do this, but let's make it quick, we'll go now."

They went into their vehicles and rode down the street to the house of Old Man Johnson.


Old Man Johnson lived on the outskirts of Brooklyn, where barely anyone else lived. His house was small and damaged, one of the oldest houses in the borough. It was one of the few areas where it was remotely quiet in the city. It was 8 o' clock when the agents parked and knocked on the door. Old Man Johnson, a bald man of fifty five years of age who resembled a monk, opened the door. Joe was the first to speak.

"Mr. Johnson, I am Agent Joe, and this is Agent Malcom, we have something to ask you."

Old Man Johnson seemed to hesitate before answering.

"Am, am I in trouble?"

"No, we just want to ask you something. So if you could just let us in."

"Of course Agent Joe, right this way please."

The agents walked into the house and shut the door behind them. The space was very cramped, there were statues of strange looking beasts and angels throughout. Old Man Johnson led the agents to a very small living room with a couch and recliner. The agents sat sat down on the sofa.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" Johnson asked.

"We're fine, we're going to be leaving in a few minutes anyway."

Joe then nodded to Malcom.

"Mr. Johnson, does this ring a bell? A thing that has plates on its back which glows when it shoots some kind of radiation?"

Johnson seemed taken aback by what Malcom said.

"That sounds like Gojira."

"Go-what?" Joe asked.

"Gojira, a Japanese demon."

Johnson went into the nearby bookcase and pulled out a blank book. He opened it and showed a page to the agents.

"What on earth?" Joe said.

The black-and-white picture showed some kind of a dinosaur-like creature biting a train. Old Man Johnson sat down and started to talk.

"It is said that in 1954, a Japanese demon known as Gojira destroyed all of Japan. So much was destroyed that only this picture remains. It is unknown what happened after it destroyed the country, many say it went into the ocean and fell into a deep slumber, which hasn't been awoken."

Both agents looked at each other then back at Johnson.

"Why do you wish to-"

"Thank you for your time Mr. Johnson, we'll be on our way now, good night." Joe cut in.

They got up and started walking to the door.

"Gojira is an unstoppable force that no man-made weapons could beat. It is death." Johnson said.

The agents closes the door behind them. Outside, Malcom was the first to talk.

"So what do you make of that?"

"I think he's a lunatic, but that image does match up with what Mr. Wright said. It's interesting."

"We should report all of this to Captain Williams."

"Go home to your wife and kid Mal, we'll report all of this to the captain in the morning."

They went their vehicles and drove away.


At the same time the agents were driving to their homes, back at the Manhattan Beach, two teenagers hopped the fence onto the sand. They both were carrying torches. The smaller one spoke.

"Are you sure about this man, it's late and it's Brooklyn!"

"You're such a wuss, Kevin. I saw a bunch of law enforcement here. They're hiding something, and I'm going to find out what it is."

The two walked deeper into the beach until they hit the water. A loud noise was heard from within it.

"What was that?!" Kevin asked.

The water started to rise. Both heads of the boys looked up as a dark object emerged from the water.

"Is that.....a dinosaur?" Kevin asked.

The 'dinosaur' roared and the boys started to run back from where they came from. The beast looked down and saw the torch lights running. Not knowing exactly what they were, the beast took it as a threat and shot a blast of blue atomic radiation. It destroyed the little torch lights and the people carrying them. It roared once again and stepped out of the water. It could see the lights coming up ahead and it heard nonstop noises. Curious, it walked toward the city that never sleeps.


Malcom was hearing the radio as he was driving when a special announcement came on.

"There is mass panic in the street as something that appears to be a dinosaur is roaming the streets. It has plates on its back. This is not a trick, I repeat, this is not a trick! Our helicopter is following it, it appears-"

Malcom had been dialing Joe's number as the reporter was reporting. Joe picked up.

"Are you listening to the news?!" Malcom shouted.

"I am, but I'm not believing it. I'm heading toward the scene right now."

"I'm going to call Captain Williams now, I'll join you as soon as I can."

Malcom hanged up and dialed his superior officer's number, the captain of his unit.

Captain Williams answered.

"Agent Malcom, what in blazes is happening over there?!"

"Some kind of monster has entered New York, I'm driving toward the scene."

"I'm calling in some of our troops and airforce, they're actually showing this thing from camera, it's being broadcast on TV."

"It's Gojira."


"It's a long story sir, I believe the thing that is attacking the city is Gojira, a Japanese demon."

"I don't care what it is, and I can't even pronounce that, we'll call it Godzilla or something, my men will blow this thing to Hell before it could do any real damage."

Before Malcom replied, he saw something burning outside his left window.

It was his home.


He dropped the phone and went outside. His home was destroyed, the roof completely taken off. It was slowly burning to nothing. He could see a skeleton's hand on the ground in the house. He went toward it, then the fire burned even more. He fell to his knees and heard the roar. He looked behind. He could see the monster in the distance, walking, creating more destruction. More lives were facing death.

"Darn you Godzilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted into the air.

Godzilla couldn't hear that, he could only hear the little people beneath him scream and the beeping from the cars. He then heard something and looked up. A bunch of fighter jets were closing in on him. They shot a couple of missiles at the monster. They struck him, but it was nothing. He shot a blast of atomic radiation. It destroyed both jets. Godzilla roared then felt something from the ground attack him. Tanks were rolling in as people fled. They shot large missiles at the monster. They struck, but like the jets, had zero effect. Godzilla shot radiation, which destroyed all the tanks in front of him. He roared and walked deeper into the city, smashing buildings with his enormous tail. Way in back of the beast was Joe's car. He parked and stepped out.

"This can't be happening." He said as he looked at the gargantuan beast.

He dialed Malcom, but no one picked up. He then dialed Captain Williams.

"Captain Williams, are you there?"

"Yes, Joe, I am watching all of it."

"According to the news, it shrugged off all the missiles, we're going to need something more powerful."

"I am aware, but there's nothing we can shoot that won't bring such collateral damage that won't be felt for the near cities."

"We have to do something, sir! This lizard will destroy all of New York if we don't put it down."

Indeed, Godzilla had ravaged a part of Brooklyn already. He looked to his right and saw something that caught his interest. The Brooklyn Bridge. The beast started to make his way there. In his car, Joe followed. He dialed Captain Williams again.

"Sir, I have a plan."

Godzilla was right in front of the Bridge. There were many cars still attempting to get out, but due to the chaos, they kept crashing into one another. The monster opened its mouth to blast the bridge in half when he heard before behind him. With a grunt, he turned around. A fighter jet was there, carrying a rather large missile. Godzilla once again opened to blast the jet to ashes. The jet shot the missile into Godzilla's mouth and quickly retreated. At first, the behemoth felt nothing, and then slowly, he started feel a sense of tiredness and the need to sleep. He fell to the ground and went into a slumber. Joe pulled up near the monster and stepped out of his car. He could see the awesome sight of the beast in full. He opened up his phone.

"Sir, I believe my plan worked."

"How long will the sleeping gas have effect?"

"On a regular animal, it would knock them out for a few days, I'm not sure how long this creature will be affected."

"That's fine, now we can sit down and think of a strategy. And where in blazes is Malcom? He doesn't answer."

"He doesn't answer me either, sir, I'm going to go find him."

Joe hanged up the phone and took one last look at the sleeping behemoth before driving toward Malcom's house.


The morning brought a startling realization to the citizens of New York. Over half of Brooklyn lay in shambles. There were still many things on fire, which kept the fire department busy. Godzilla lay dormant in front of the bridge, but for how long? That's what the citizens wanted to know, a lot we're not taking chances, they had left the city completely. Joe kept driving around and had called Malcom ten times before the ladder answered. He had said he was at the cemetery, Joe had just arrived. He found his partner sitting on a bench.

"Malcom, where in the heck have you been? Both the captain and I have been trying to reach you all night."

"They're both dead, Joe."

"Who is?"

"My wife and my son are dead."

It then hit Joe why his partner was like this.

"How do you know they're dead Mal?"

"My house was burning."

"I'm sorry Mal, but that doesn't mean that they're dead.  They could still be out there, don't give up hope on that. Now we have a job to do, searching will be later."

"Godzilla has to pay."


"It's the name the captain gave it, let's go."

They started to walk from the grim cemetery.

"I listened to all of it on the radio, so a ton of sleeping gas is keeping Godzilla dormant near the Brooklyn Bridge?"

"Yes, though I'm not sure how long it will last. Honestly, he could wake at any moment, that's why we need a plan."

While they were talking, way above them, the thing that had destroyed Venus was entering Earth's atmosphere. It spotted a machine hovering near it. The United States satellite. With one blast of its gravity beam, the satellite was destroyed. It then made its way into earth's surface. It sensed a powerful presence emitting from within, and it was hungry for the destruction of another world.


Normally things would be peaceful at NASA, but not at this moment. People were scrambling to and fro from their work stations. Ever since they lost contact with the satellite, there has been nothing but chaos. One young man of about twenty shouted from his station,

"Sir, we have an unidentified object coming really fast toward the States, it's the biggest thing our sensors have ever detected."

"Could it be the thing that took out our satellite?" The Captain of NASA said as he looked at the red dot on the screen approaching.

"Affirmative, sir."

"What's its trajectory?"

"New York City, sir."

This caught the Captain by surprise, considering that that the borough had just been attacked.

"Call the airforce, we need to send a jet to intercept, it's probably just a very large meteorite." He said.

Not long after, a fighter jet was launched. The pilot looked at his control panel. The red dot was approaching at a fast pace. He picked up his communicator. Back at NASA, there was silence as the pilot was heard through the main computer. The Captain picked up his communicator.

"What do you see soldier?"

The pilot answered,

"I am approaching the object now, it's golden, it's-what the?!"

"Come in soldier, what do you see?"

"It's not a meteor, I repeat, IT'S NOT A METEOR! It's some kind of monster, IT HAS THREE HEADS! It-"
A sound that was almost like a cackle cut him off, then the com went dead. There was silence for a few moments, until someone said,

"Sir, it's entered Manhattan's airspace."

The thing had entered Manhattan. KING GHIDORAH had arrived.

ACT 10

It was truly unexpected for the citizens of Manhattan. They heard strange noises coming from above, and in a flash, they saw a giant golden dragon with three heads pass over them. When it passed over, cars went flying, along with people. The dragon shot gravity beams at the buildings as it passed. In his mind, he considered the people running beneath him nothing more than ants, he would destroy every single one of them, but first he wanted to find the intense power he was sensing. Something caught his attention, the Empire State Building. The intense power could wait, the structure was too tempting not to break down.

Meanwhile, soldiers were next to Godzilla, keeping any curious onlookers at bay. However, everyone was busy running away when they heard the cackling of King Ghidorah in the distance. The soldiers stood their ground, but they soon joined the fleeing citizens once they saw Godzilla open his eyes. The gargantuan heard the call, another monster. A challenge. He started to rise and then roared. He looked ahead.  He could feel an intense power coming toward the tall structure ahead. In the way was the Brooklyn Bridge. A minor annoyance. He shot a blast of atomic radiation into the center of it. It broke in half. The King of Monsters started to walk toward the tall structure.

ACT 11

Malcom and Joe had been hearing the reports on the radio when Captain Williams called in.

Joe put his phone on speaker.

"As I'm sure you well know, there's this three-headed dragon heading straight for the Empire State Building! I need you two to go in deep, I'm sending more support." The Captain shouted on the line.

"Please hold on sir." Joe said, as he turned up the volume on the radio.

"We have an official report that the monster that attacked the city earler has awoken and is heading toward the Empire State Building. Mass panic as this other monster with three heads is-oh my-" The reporter was cut off by a cackling sound sound then silence.

"Darn it Joe, what the heck is happening there?!"

Back at NASA, the workers were monitoring everything.

"Godzilla is heading toward the Empire State Building, so is the dragon, sir."

"Do you think...?"

"Yes sir. I think they're going to fight,"

Back on ground-level King Ghidorah stopped near the Empire State Building. It sensed something was coming. Something powerful. He roared in anticipation, all three of its heads. Godzilla emerged from behind the building and was standing face to face with the King of Terror. They roared at each other. Meanwhile, Malcom and Joe had parked their car when they saw they couldn't get across the bridge. Above, a helicopter came down. The pilot open the hanger.

"Agents Malcom and Joe, Captain Williams sent me to escort you into the air to see what is happening."

Malcom and Joe went in the helicopter. It flew toward the battleground. Outside the window, they could see all of what use to be New York City. In under a day, it was a wasteland. Finally they were hovering near the Empire State Building.

"Oh man." Malcom said.

Outside the window, he could see the beasts roaring at each other.

"Whoever wins, it wouldn't matter, cause we lose either way." He said.

King Ghidorah took a step, and they they went at it.

Godzilla had fallen.

Back in the helicopter, there was a dead silence before Malcom spoke.

"So now what?"

Back on the ground, King Ghidorah was kicking the downed Godzilla. The three-headed beast then did a roar that was heard all over the country. After, he started to walk away. A familiar roar forced him to look back. Godzilla was standing up, growling. King Ghidorah turned around and let out a roar. Godzilla then let out a shot of his atomic ray. The dragon was caught off-guard by it as it struck it's middle neck. He let a roar of pain and was dazed. Back in the helicopter, the agents were watching in awe.

"I don't get it, why did Godzilla wait this long to use his atomic energy?" Joe asked.

"Who knows, maybe he wanted to see how powerful the other monster was before letting it out. Now that he knows the monster is a threat, he's taking no chances anymore." Malcom answered.

King Ghidorah was but dazed for a few moments, and turned his attention to Godzilla. Godzilla saw an opening, and once again shot a blast of his atomic ray. It struck King Ghidorah's middle neck again. This time however, the entire head and neck popped out when the blast struck. Green blood splurted out as the head struck the ground. Godzilla roared in triumph. King Ghidorah couldn't function without its lead head, he started to fly away. He had enough and would be back one day. Godzilla on the other hand didn't think like that, he was going to finish off the dragon. He shot another blast of atomic energy. It struck King Ghidorah dead center. He lost consciousness and plummted into the ocean. He fell deeper and deeper into the cold water......

Godzilla roared into the sky and looked around. He was weary of fighting, and wanted to rest. Back in the helicopter, the agents watched as the King of Monsters stomped away.

"What's he going to do now? Attack more of the city?" Joe asked.

"I don't think so, he looks to have had enough." Malcom replied.

"Chopper, land and drop us off." The pilot landed the helicopter and the agents jumped off. They watched Godzilla walk into the water for a deep slumber.

End credits roll.


Malcom and Joe are in an underground facility with Captain Williams in Washington D.C. The ladder was the first to speak out loud.

"Godzilla will be back, we're going to need something to combat him."

A man in a white coat approached them.

"Excuse me sir, I have something that will interest you."

From his pocket, he took out a small glass container. There was something in with a label that read 'G-CELLS.'

"I've managed to get some of Godzilla's cells amidst the destruction. I have more, this is just a sample."

"And how exactly can we use these cells to our advantage doctor?"  Catain Williams said.

The doctor leaned in and whispered in Captain Williams' ear for a few moments. The Captain thought for a few moments about what he just heard, then spoke.

"And you're sure they can be combined with the technology?"

The doctor nodded.

The Captain sighed, then spoke.

"Alright then, it's settled. Project 'Mechagodzilla' is a go.

Screen fades to black.

Well, if you took the time to read the whole thing, I applaud. I know I didn't do a great job with the human characters, but overall I think it came out alright. I think the after-credits scene would be perfect, it would definitely get the fans excited. Well, thanks for reading.


  1. As you know, I'm not a fan of Godzilla (apologies), but I like your style of writing. And regarding the first issue, I actually have never heard of King Ghidorah, so question: is its goal only to destroy? Because I don't see any link between the prologue to his latter appearance...could be just me, though. But the rest are great, and the post-credit scene (Mechagodzilla, now I've heard of it) is going to work very well. Nice job. :)

  2. Thanks Jolt. King Ghidorah is a world destroyer who wants nothing more than to see all life erased from existence. The prologue had him destroying Venus, (just like in the classic film) and he was then very curious that there was a life force as strong as him on earth.

  3. Ah, I see. But no certain reason of why all life should be erased from existence? (But he's a monster after all, so...yeah.)

  4. Enjoyed the movie idea. I just have a question about the way the fight ends.

    It's kinda fast. I would have liked to see more exposition about some destruction. But other than that, it's a great film if it were made.

  5. Thanks Kevin. Yes, looking back, the fight was a bit too short. When I write the sequel, it will have a better end-fight.

  6. Jolt, King Ghidorah's lust for world destruction is pretty much all he knows. His origin is vague, but it is said he has no heart. Every monster in the Godzilla universe has a reason for what they do, they aren't mindless beasts, trust me.