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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Justice League #4 Review

Justice League has been the definition of "epic" all-star" and "comic book." A world-destructive plot, great characters, top notch art, and blockbuster dialogue. I have never given such positive ratings in a roll like this, each issue has gotten a 9/10 for me. The $3.99 price feels worth it. It is definitely the best series I'm reading currently, only rivaled by Marvel's Venom. Now, onto the review.

The story continues with Victor, now Cyborg, waking up and realizing he isn't human. Meanwhile, Aquaman decides to put himself in charge of the group, but that's quickly changed when hordes of the mysterious creatures from the last two issues appear. They are vanquished, but when a portal opens and Cyborg jumps out saying "He's coming," that could mean only one thing....

It's easy to forget that this first arc takes place five years earlier. The solicitation for Issue Seven reminded me of that. With that said, this issue does a good job with the heroes' characterizations. Aquaman is especially portrayed well, showcasing what it means to have the title of king. Green Lantern comes off as rather, how do I put this.....annoying. Okay, he's the Wally West of the league, but man, his lines are just corny and unbearable. Wonder Woman seems, like I said in my previous review, a bit cardboard, having only one line in the whole issue. Superman I'm happy to say is actually showing some character. I liked how he was the one to ask Aquaman who he was, but the best part was when he said to Flash "You seem like someone who wants to do the right thing, but the same can't always be said for everyone in positions of authority." Epic. The best quote of this entire series yet.

At first, I thought Cyborg came off a rather too impulsive. Yeah I know he woke up not being human, but him fleeing the scene like that was rather brash I thought. But looking back, it made sense. I can see why he was angry. To him, his father said he would never go to one of his games, and then he was turned into a machine, so I get it. Still, he doesn't really belong on the league, he's better suited for Teen Titans. Batman doesn't have that much scenes in this issue, I do like the part where Aquaman says "You've obviously gathered to fight them. But I don't see a leader. Then Batman says "Then you're not looking at me." Good stuff.

The art is just amazing. This is the definition of comic book art. The characters look great. The cover is pretty spectacular, showcasing a powerful looking Aquaman over a defeated Green Lantern. Though Superman and Wonder Woman look a bit odd in the ocean, but nothing major. There are some pretty awe-inspiring splash pages at the end, truly epic. Oh, and Captain Trevor is just as amazingly naive like his last appearance. Does he doubt Wonder Woman's strength? It's quite annoying.

Overall, another blockbuster issue. The characters are getting developed, especially Superman. The action is fast-paced, yet there's plenty of dialogue. The balance between fighting and talking is perfect. Justice League #4 is an all-star buy, if you aren't reading this series, then what are you waiting for? With its great characters, triple A+ art, and jaw-dropping cliffhanger, Justice League #4 is another must-have.



  1. I didn't even notice Superman and Wonder Woman on the cover! I agree, this is the best issue of this title yet. Geoff Johns is continuing to show how badass Aquaman is despite public opinion. the ending was surprising in that I wasn't expecting it to happen this issue. I am leaving town tomorrow so I won't have my own reviews up until Tuesday probably.

  2. Yes, truly a great issue. I look forward to your take.